Is he a cheater too? 911

  • Now my fiancee has put me thru a lot of stuff but I have never thought he would cheat on me. However the other night he went out drinking and other stuff. I have noticed two sets of hand prints on the back of my car that made me wonder if he did something with someone there. Silver jeep like car. Plus he is missing a ring I gave him that he wears on his wedding finger. Silver and gold with a cross and the Lords prayer on it. And tonight I am not sure whats up but I swore I found where hes been on a dating site

    Regardless of all his works cheating would hurt me the most please tell me is this all in my mind because my first husband ran off with my bedt friend or is there more?

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  • Yeah, he's a cheater all right! He is obsessed with being the glamorous desirable object of everyone's attention, plus he is very into sex. He has mistakenly learned to think of love as being mistreated and fears getting too attached to any love object. He's a very private person and hates to air his dirty linen in public which is why he sneaks around. He binges on romance like a food addict with an eating disorder. Loves it at the time but feels guilty afterwards.

  • Any idea what happened to his ring?

  • He took it off so as not to look 'committed', then misplaced it.

  • it doesnt seem right, but have you actually asked him? I can fully understand how & why u feel as u do, but seems like the sensible thing to do. Keep a calm mind & choose your words carefully & just ask. You will know right away, your gut wont lie & either will his face.

    I know Scorpio males who are faithful, tho they thrive on attention from their partners & want lots of sex.

    Good luck 🙂

  • Lifesamysterytome, this is more about you than him. As long as you continue to feel bad about yourself, you will continue to atrract losers and cheaters becasue that is all you think you deserve. But I can feel that you are a very nice kind talented person who should love herself more. As your self-esteem and self-confidence grows, so will you attract more compatible and strong partners.

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