Dear Astra, please can I get a reading from you

  • Hello there, havent writen in some time, how are you? Hope you are doing fine.

    I am wondering if I can get a reading from you? A love reading ofcourse 😉

    So the guy I like, remember? we met at a party had a nice conection one day,( L... -name .) Do you see anything happening with me and him? anything serious maybe or just dating?

    and please

    if I could ask you one more thing, when do you see me meeting someone for a relationship?

    Thank you so much on you insight

    I am pisces if you dont remember 🙂

    Bless you

  • Hey fishy

    I am doing wonderfully! And I hope you are too! I am thrilled to be able to read for you again...

    first though...

    I would love to looks little deeper into your chart, would that be okay?

    As long as that is okay, can I have your birthdate?

    That can offer some clues as to what energies you are looking for in a guy. Plus, when you know his birthdate I can compare your charts for alignments. Plus I can also create a little something that can help you attract a nice love into your life.



  • Glad to hear you are wonderful. I am ok. Thank you on your offer. My DOB is 20/feb/1985. I dont know his yet, havent seen him in 2 weeks and didnt ask him that, didnt come up in convo. Do you need time and place for me or is date enough?

  • Just saw him today, the guy I like.

    I dont think he likes me at all!!


    I feel sad, very sad....

    thouoght there might be connection, guess I was wrong 😞

    I herd he likes some other girl.... dont know his dob yet...

    dunno, i feel stupid for thinking there was a chance, tried talking to him more ...

  • Fishy, we can try a talisman. See my post with others about this.

    I just did this one for Cellisi:

    This seems to be showing more promise that the tarot, at least in changing reality to something you want. The tarot is more predictive than life adjusting. Magic allows you to make subtle changes in the energies and attract love or whatever you need, relationship, marriage, a job, finances, you name it. I am happy to make one for you, I only need his DOB the guy you are interested in. Or I can come up with something with out that, just let me know. Magic can work miracles!

    Eight of swords - I see that you are very sad and feeling trapped in these circumstances. All of this can change fishy. Hang in there. ANything can change!

    I asked "how he feels about you and received the six of wands which is a great card - don''t give up! Your heart still feels something for him, don't turn your back on that.

    love and light


  • Thank you Astra!

    Ill try an keep hope alive!

    Coud you come up with something for now until i found out his DOB i would like that very much

    Thank you on the cards.

    I just cant seem to read what is going on with him. I have no idea what he even thinks of me

    Thank you,



  • Hi fishy

    Here is a talisman - whisper his name over this and see him holding you in his heart and put it under your pillow, You will dream of him and it will be sweet. He will be holding you very soon.

    Love never fails. I am wishing wonderful, intimate, sweet, close, tender dear love with "L".

    Love, astra

  • Dear Astra, thank you so very much.

    I know I asked so much of you, about this one, about that one, one after another I come here and ask for your help and you are so very kind and dear to all of us, praying and hoping with us.

    There are not many people like you. I feel greatful to you.

    I will put this under my pillow and dream sweet dreams. Thank you again.

    Love and Light.

    Bless you for your kindness

  • I have been sleeping with the talisman now each night. I will need to print it again how much its used 🙂

    I saw him again, and "that" girl again... I cannot understand why he acts different around me when she is there. I see there is something going on, some tell me its nothing serious. But I cannot understand why he sort of avoids me when she is around. and when she is not he talks more.

    It is driving me nuts.

    Havent dremt him yet. I want to stop hoping in my head but it is hard beacuse of some things he said to me.

    I know that was then but I like him so its hard.

    He probably doesnt even like me, silly me.

    But I do catch him looking at me from across the room.

    Oh I hate it how something like this gets stuck in my head

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