Tarot for Beginners

  • My Guilded Tarot arrived this AM and I am very pleased to be able to recommend it for beginners. The deck has some of the most beautiful graphics. They are both modern and traditional. But it's the companion book that makes this set ideal for those who want to learn. It's not just something to read. It is a workbook!

    Each section has exercises for the initiate to work with but, it also asks you to relate it to someone or something in your own life. It guides you through the learning process by making it personal and therefore easier to learn. Don't worry, you don't have to write in the book. You can create a personal Tarot Journal.

    I have been working professionally for over thirty years and I have already learned some new things. It covers more than just the cards. It also talks about the care and feeding of your deck and helps you explore some taditional spreads. With so many ways to spread the cards, it taught me a few new tricks of the trade.

    I highly recommond this deck not only for beginners, but for the seasoned pro as well.


  • Hello ReverendMotherAvalon

    I have to agree with you about this deck the colors are just awesome and the pictures are beautiful. I am not all that with the cards but I am teaching myself and I think that I made a very good move when I oredered them.

    Happy Holidays to you.


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