• Can anyone just help me by giving me a clue where I might have placed my rings. I had them all together in a box for safe keeping and when i went to get them they were gone. I am devastated. My husband had bought me a beautiful ring for my birthday last year and a bracelet and they were both in the box along with a ring my mother gave me and one my daughter gave me. All i need is a hint as to which way to go. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ask your husband if he knows.

  • I tried asking the husband and he says he has no idea. It's really beginning to freak me out. I just can't understand why I can't find them. I am at my wits end.

  • I am feeling a male person removing the rings from your box in order to sell them to pay some debts, intending to replace them later.

  • Would it be a family member or someone else? Or can you tell?

  • Yes, this person seems to be familiar with your house and did not act in a hurried manner, as if he knows your routine or that you are distracted somewhere else. There is a desperation coming off him however that he needs to do something like this to get out of debt. There could be secret gambling involved. He sees it more as 'borrowing' than stealing.

  • Or bad investments. He has made some bad errors in judgment, certainly.

  • Captain,

    Do you feel as if they might be in a pawn shop or some where close where I might be able to see them and buy them back. One of the rings that was in the box was stolen before and I had to dry 50 miles north of my home to Chattanooga Tennessee and purchase it back along with my husbands wedding ring. I seriously need to get them back if I can.

  • The rings were exchanged in place of money - I feel it was more a one-on-one deal with the actual debtor than with a pawn shop.

  • Captain,

    Thank you for the information. I have been so crazy hunting these rings and everyone told me that I just misplaced them and made me think I was losing it. I was honestly beginning to doubt my sanity.

  • I was just wondering Captain. If you feel the person who did this to me is still around me or if they have moved on.

  • He's still around.

  • Your reply intrigues me. I seek no retribution from this person. I am a firm believer in Karma. I just would like to know if there is anything else you might feel about this person. I am trying to be guarded with my feelings around any male in my family or friend circle. I feel the only one I can trust is my father. I only ask for the hope that someday I might be able to retrieve what was taken. I donot wish for this person to be able to hurt me again. Any clues that you could give me would help me.

  • Captain,

    I realize that I may be asking alot of you. But, this is so driving me up the wall. I cannot let it go so easy not knowing that this person is still around me. I do not want to lose anything else of value to me or my family. And if they did it once they will do it again if the situation was to arise and I prefer not to go thru this again if it can be prevented. Please I beg you for any more info you can give.

  • There was no malice against you in this theft - just the thief's desperation at being put into a financially dangerous situation where he owed more money than he had. There was at the time the intention to replace the stolen items although that is getting further and further away from happening as this person's life spirals out of control. Outwardly he seems no different to his usual self but inside he is crumbling and scared. He will not try to steal from you again as he knows that would be too obvious. He is careful and never steals from anyone twice so as not to arouse suspicion. But he is going to be caught out ultimately - or else he will suffer a complete breakdown. He doesn't know how to regain control of his life - the gambling addiction rules him..

  • Captain,

    Thanks for all your help. I would like to know one more thing. I have my mind leaning toward this person, but, I have no definite proof. So I just don't say anything. It's just when I mentioned that they were not lost this person acted a little strange. Today this person was trying to help me by telling me that I had to be wrong about the last time I saw my things. In his word he is just trying to help me nail down the exact time that they disappeared. I just get this weird vibe from here every since I mentioned the disappearance. I might add that I trusted this person alot and they have been in my house for the last few months. I just told him that I believed in Karma and you can't do someone wrong and it not come back on you. I believe what goes around, does come around. I really appreciate your help. At least I know that I am not senile.

  • You should watch his reaction if you said you wanted to call the police in.

  • Thank you for the advice. That is exactly what I will do. My daughter had asked about him when they first came up missing and I just could not believe that this man would do this to us. We have trusted him with everything we own. Yet, I can't get over this funny feeling that I get when he is around. The old saying that I think he protest to much. Keeps ringing inside my head. He has really been acting all crazy since I told him about talking to you and that I knew for sure that I had not lost them that someone had taken them instead. This is when I really begin to look at him a little closer and his body language. I used to always go by my feelings and lately I have been putting them aside, since he is such a close friend to my family. He has been working at my home and my parents home for about 6 months now and he has keys to both our homes. I showed him the bracelet that I bought to replace the one that was stolen and I told him that I could replace the birthday ring from my husband. But, I could never replace the ring from my mother or the one from my daughter and even though I was angry about them being gone, if I could just get those two back I would forgive the transgression. I will go in today and tell him that I am going to report the theft to the police and see what happens. Anymore feelings that you may have are certainly appreciated.


  • Thank You for all your help. I would like to report that when I came home from work yesterday. My red box with my rings were in the drawer they disappeared from sitting right on top. As I explained earlier. As long as they came home all transgressions would be forgiven. I am so happy. Thanks again for all your help.

  • Good for you! Just keep an eye on the suspect from now on. He will keep on growing more desperate the longer his problems go unsolved. I see him going to jail or getting into bad trouble from his debtors if he doesn't resolve his issues.

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