Libra Man Gemini Woman! Confused about her

  • Okay so at first i wasnt interested. i was hurt in my last relationship. I told her this from the start that i wasnt looking for a relationship, but she seemed so determined to make me hers despite the fact that she said she wanted to leave to another state. I slowly started falling for her, and when i finally do she says she wont be my girl until i can say i love her. 4 days later i do, it was a heavy burden lifted but she said now things are complicated because she'll be leaving in 4 months (to which she has not decided where to yet) and says we should just be what we are without a title. But ever since then shes been working more and sees less and less of me. I could swear shes avoiding me. its been two weeks since ive seen her. I dont want to look back on this girl and think what coulve been .... any gemini women please help me understand what s going on here. I feel like the more i opened up the more i scared her away. What happened???? Shes got 2 months left

  • She wanted you while you were hard to catch, but when she 'hooked' you, she lost interest. Sorry but better to find out earlier than later. You don't need a game-player in your life.

  • Balance, I think the Captain is right, I had something very similar happen to me recently only with a gemini really are better to walk away now, the no title thing just gives her free reign to do what ever she wants basically...better to know now than get further hurt down the line...

  • Thanks for the responses...........Another thing i forgot to add was She also said that the only reason shes not with me is because she leaving

  • So you tell her you love her and she still won't be your girl, even after saying that she would once you admit that to her??? Sounds like she just likes the thought of having someone hanging there waiting for her...Is that really what you want? Is it really worth investing any more of your time, if shes leaving anyway? If she really had your feelings at the fore front, she wouldn't have got you to say that you love her and then back track out of it...

    Honestly, it sounds like she's playing with you..

  • I am a Gemini woman. We like challenges, but we do not REALIZE it. If you really like her, then JUST LEAVE HER ALONE. She may come back, she may not. There will be no "what if" if you move on. You MOST DEFINATELY not win her by calling her or appearing "desperate." Bottom line is that as a Gemini woman, we are constantly changing our minds and are constantly looking for a "high." We (at least me) honestly do not mean to. I literally drive myself crazy b/c I don't know what I want myself. If you want to win her, you will have to understand that there are a few different personalities in her. We don't want doormats THAT IS FOR SURE. So whatever you do, stand your ground, be confident, COCKY even. Take control and don't put up with any of her fickleness. Here is the best way to put it, it is either YOU or HER. If you let it be HER, you just lost her.

    And for your own sake, if you want to be with this girl, remember you will have to understand and accept and endure her different personalities at any given moment of the day, week, or month....FOREVER.

  • If it is truly b/c she is leaving town, then tell you understand and tell her you have to go. Leave it at that. If she doesn't ever call you back, then she wasn't really interested to begin with and was set on moving away. If she does call you back, she is just being fickle and indecisivie. IF and when she calls is when you TAKE CHARGE without saying it so to speak. Be confident and cocky. I guarantee you it works. We LOVE what we cannot have.......again, that is if you are willing to go thru with it.

    (Not proud to say this b/c I know it is ridiculous. But again, it is just how we are and we don't even realize it.)

  • Gem32,

    Do gems ever make decisions? Commitment?

  • Gem32 you actully decribed a lot about her very accurately. Very indecisive.And her moods ....thanksfor the input.

  • Sure Gems make the last minute, so you must be patient...b/c they are NOT. As for commitment? Absolutely. As I said, if you can withstand his/her everchanging mind and "different personalities," they will love you for a very long time. They are very dual natured. It is important to give them space and not take it personally when they snap or get moody, or change their mind one minute from the next. That is the ONLY way to keep one. AGAIN-don't take anything they do personally. If they are with you, it is for a reason...they think you are worthy of "something," they just can't pinpoint it. This is what keeps them around. When they seem agitated, it is for a reason (which you will probably never get.) So just step away, let them be for a few hours, maybe a whole day, and then they will come back.

  • To those of you asking questions about Gemini's, read up on Scorpios. They intrigue the hell out of us. They say we are not a good match, but Scorpio's sure do capture our attention. DEEP intellegence is a major key to keeping a Gemini.

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