AstraAngel, yet another dream

  • AstraAngel, this one is only half a dream as I don't remember the early part of it. I only remember a newly dug up natural pond in front of the house I bought. Every contour, pebbles, earth was clear. I was happy to have it and immediatley thought of my comets loving it and will have a chance of growing bigger. The pond has steps ( or tiers) all around. There is a wooden ship on one end where I thought water could cascade. I thought of planting aquatic plants around it. It needs a rubber lining. Does the dream mea anything? Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Hey Tellstar

    I had another vivid dream too, night before last.

    Let' see... your dream...

    The "new pond" is a new emotional connection you are making with spirit (your soul mate), This connection is something deep and pure, and it is right in front of you. It is a prominent part of your life right now, like a transcendent emotional state you are entering with him.

    Your comets loving it tells us that love is the purpose of the dream, taking you to a deeper place in love. Comets are heavenly bodies, so this is a heavenly love developing. The steps of the pond speak of ascension, you are entering into this new place of spirit, only this place you are ascending by stepping "down" into it, like a descent into waters of baptism.

    Your desire to plant aquatic plants around it seems like your own awareness that this is a very significant development in your life and you are embracing this new dimension of emotional depth. It is important that you care for this place, like you would care for the garden of eden.

    The only part I am not clear on is the wooden ship. Wooden ships are the way you would travel on this pond. So it sounds like you are wanting to travel on this pond. In other words, the pond is a foundation for your life, upon which you will discover some new paths that build on that, something very emotional and deep, new, that will in turn become a "way" in your life.

    The rubber lining, sounds like you are trying to conserve the water, not let it ascape. So you are really wanting this new spiritual love to stay around which may require some effort on your part, reminding you of this place, remembering that you are in fact stepping into this new watery transcendence of love.

    it sounds really wonderful, I can see it too!

    My dream involved my soul mate, I was working in some sort of little shop, like a hairstyling salon, and we were together and then, she left. And I am alone for quite a while, and then she returns and we are holding hands and it is very sweet and close, and there is talk of something long term... plans and such... and I remember thinking to myself, "are you sure about her, you hardly know her!" It seemed to be carrying my along though, like the questions didn't matter. it was really nice, one of those dreams that you wish you could bottle and re-dream again over and over.

    love and peace


  • AstraAngel,

    It does seem very nice and sweet, your dream. Is this the same friend you dreamt about the other day? I hope it comes true for you.

    As for my dream, is this soul mate the twin flame in the other dream? They say we could have many soul mates but twin flames are rare. You meet and separate and meet again at the right time. So, is it inevitable for twin flames to be together? I like ponds and aquariums and fish. The ship is small and in my dream I thought I would turn it into an ornament for the water to recirculate. Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Tellstar,

    Yes same person.

    In your dream, the spirit feels the same, your connection is with him no matter where you look, no matter the dream. I believe we only have the "one" he/she is all in all, the Universe, all that is other than you summed up in his smile/her smile. And love.

    I do not know about "many soul mates", could be many manifestations of him/her however it is the same spirit that is manifesting. Like, you can perceive your soul mate in the wind, a butterfly and in their whisper in your own heart.

    There is that sense of meeting and separating, coming back and forth, like the tide. I feel that you are two parts of one creature, we think our otherness is somehow a person or love to be found, or achieved. When the truth is he/she is always, always with you, a friend that can never ever leave, a love that is essence within, without, in every direction.

    After that, how your love chooses to show himself to you, and when, and whether in a dream or in person, in a movie or in your prayers, all is one lovely expression of his love for you.

    Your Holy Spirit, perhaps.

    It is a lovely dream in any case, yours and mine.

  • AstraAngel,

    I miss talking to you. I miss my friend. Haven't heard from him for a long time. I get messages from psychics and you that he's coming. When? Waiting and knowing he's coming would be bearable. But waiting and not knowing really sucks. No dreams lately, maybe because I've been ill. How's your friend? Is the friend in your ream for real? I hope you're ok.

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