Celtic Cross advice please?

  • Using my Godess Deck I did a Celtic cross spread concerning my relationship and I just can't see clear :s

    Can anyone please shed a light on this for me please?

    situation: Isis (Magician)

    challenges/opportunities: King of Pentacles

    foundation: 5 of cups

    higher power: king of cups

    recent past: Inanna (Star)

    near future: 4 of pentacles

    advice: 8 of cups

    allies: prince of swords

    blocks: ace of swords

    long term: 3 of cups

    extra card (always pick one in case of confusion): 4 of cups

  • Here's what I see: You view your partner as reliable but there's something missing...there's disappointment - your heart is unfulfilled - perhaps you feel that your partner doesn't understand your needs? You are torn between hanging on to the familiar, always hopeful that it will bring you the greater emotional rewards you seek, but you continue to find disappointment and wonder about moving on. You are being advised to release the past (not necessairily this partner - but past feelings or issues that cloud the future) and look for what you need to be happy now and going forward. Leave past issues out of things as much as possible and start from right now. This will mean facing the truth in yourself and between you and your partner. Are you talking with your partner about your needs and trying to seek understanding between the two of you, or are you looking for the answers by yourself, within yourself - making up your mind all alone? In any case, the truth of the matter is not out in the open between you. There is happiness to be found but you have to be willing to open your eyes to what your partner offers you as well, and then decide if this is enough. You have the courage to initiate the conversations that will lead to change, you are ready to work towards change, but you hold back on saying what needs to be said and appear to be hanging on to hope instead. Action and truth are called for to bring you to a happy conclusion. You must not be afraid to reveal your feelings in this matter, let go a little, don't be afraid of the consequences, and see what happens. Happiness between you is indicated in the end - whether that means you will continue to find happiness together or apart remains vague here though. You really seem ready to find what your heart needs to be happy but there may be an attitude or someone you will have to release to get there. Since you read cards, you realize there is nothing really bad in this spread, but it's more about issues that need to be brought into the light and sorted out.

    Let me know if any of this makes sense. Wishing you enlightenment in the days ahead!

  • Thank you Jenever.

    Things have become much more clear to me now, reading my own cards I sometimes just don't want to see what's there (even though as you said the cards aren't that bad at all).

    I know how to proceed now, thanks again 🙂

  • I can see you already received an interpretation but I would like to add that I see friendship and amicable leaving.

    So it is still a happy ending, maybe not the romance that you expected, but still something positive.

  • Glad I could help Ehlen, I know all too well what you mean. I tend to cause myself more trouble I think, trying to read my own cards - like you, tending to see only what I want to see. I think HighP09 makes a good point too. As we can all see, there is happiness in the end, just a little vague at this point what that will look like. So nice to share with other "readers" in this forum. I'm really enjoying it.

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