How do I access reading credits?

  • The subject says it all. I've just spent an hour looking for my reading credits. I've got several credited readings on my account but can't figure out how to access them. Can anyone help me with this?

  • Hi,

    If you know which reading you can redeem you should go that reading page and check if it's the free reading that you should get.

    For instance if you got a celtic cross free reading...go to that page and it should show that it's free. If not..then I think you will have to contact admin. Otherwise I don't know.

    Good luck,


  • Log in to your account, go to Your Readings and Reports Journal, then click the Special Offers link. It will show you what specific credits you have and when they expire. Once you know the exact reading you can use, follow Flowsco's instructions.

    Took me a while to figure out how to use my credit from the last contest but I thought it was for any tarot spread. After I noticed it was for a general celtic cross reading, I went to the page and it showed something saying I could use the credit. It won't have the standard "Start Reading" or "Get It Free" button.

  • Yay! I found one of them. Thank you Flowsco & tenchi2go!

    Now, any idea what a "Lucky, lucky, PFERO!" reading is?

  • I want to say it's for a Personalized Feng Shui Report. In my journal I have a free sample for one done in January 2010 which I could have upgraded to a full report. That code may be for the free sample.

  • I was wondering that myself. Thanks for clearing that up techni2go. I wonder if you can redeem them when your account has been boosted like these couple of weeks. I got a few of those PFERO without knowing.

  • Thanks again. I'll check that out. Yesterday I perused all the various reading, looking for something (anything) that came close to those initials. Nothing seemed to fit, though. The Feng Shui report sounds like a possibility...

    Like you, Flowsco, I've received these (5!) without knowing. Weird.

  • Hopefully, that's the right one. I notice on the Feng Shui page it has a link for the same sample reading I got last year ("Use Feng Shui for Wealth and Happiness"). All it does is reveal the Wealth chapter for the Personalized Feng Shui Report. You still have to pay 240 coins to read the whole thing.

    Only reason I knew about it is because sends me emails once or twice a week about new reports, readings, and specials. Never sends one for the karma coin hunts though 😞 If I remember correctly I got several emails "reminding" me that I hadn't taken advantage of the sample. Maybe that's why you both have several of the same code? Finally I went ahead and redeemed it just to stop the emails. Of course you can always email customer support to be absolutely sure.

  • Just a quick note to let you know I contacted about those PFERO readings. Turns out they are in the numerology section, the "Personality Report." When accessing that report, at the far right of the price are the words "Lucky PFERO!" I didn't notice that during my own search so I thought others might have difficulty finding it, too.

    Thanks again for all your help!

  • Ha! Weird. They should really make those codes less cryptic. Glad you found it.

  • Hmmm..I agree with Tenchi2go. Thanks for finding that out. I got 5 to spend...sorta..:-)

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