Reading on career? Anyone who wants to jump in?

  • Hi,

    I was wondering if anyone might do a reading on my career. I'm a writer (with a master's degree) currently working a day job. I guess I'm wondering if there is a job change in the near future, or what might occur with my writing career (or with any kind of career) in the future. While I know I'm not supposed to read for myself, I find it particularly difficult to do so when it's about career. I can kind of deduce emotionally for relationships, but this just makes my brain explode. Can anybody help?

    THANK YOU!!!!

  • What is coming through is that you are holding yourself back and things will not magically change - you need to make a decision, take action on it and stay committed to it. You tend to falter - let your negative thoughts hold you back. Stop sitting on the fence - make a commitment to YOURSELF and do not take the pledge lightly! Do not waver, instead, move forward with your plans - one step at a time - with determination. You are allowing your ego to get in the way of attaining your heart's desires. Release the ego - all fear, anxiety and worry about what may happen or go wrong and follow your heart by pursuing your true goals and aspirations. Stay focused on a positive outcome and don't take life or yourself so seriously! This is a huge transformation that must occur for you - changing your thoughts and attitudes about this. There is also a slight nagging I am getting about accepting help from someone - a man that is around you - does that make any sense?

  • Hi!

    1. Thank you for that reading.

    2. I don't really know a man that is around me that can help. Also, I'm aware of negativity and the holding myself back on certain things, however, I guess i"m trying to see if anything shows up for the projects I've sent out and am waiting to hear about. So I totally see how things don't "magically change" but I've put stuff out there, that potentially could make things different if picked up etc. I guess I should have been more specific that I wanted a tarot reading, but I guess I'll take anything.

    Again thank you.

  • Also, I have questions about finances that I should have included. There are things hanging in the air right now that might help change some any of that showing up??

  • Hi hun,

    It was a Tarot reading. The King of Wands was in "the people around you" but I can't remember anything else about the spread now. What projects do you have out there? Did you submit writing for something? If you can give me a clear question I will do another spread for you. All I remember is that it came through pretty clearly that you are holding yourself back and commitment was a big issue - you may not be aware of how your thoughts or even subconscious thoughts are affecting you.

  • Thanks for getting back to me again!

    You were totally right about the ego thing and the whole commitment, holding myself back and thought I've recognized it on a few occasions really haven't been totally holding myself accountable all the time for it and the more I thought about what you wrote the more I do need to let things go and just commit, so I'm super glad you wrote to me. It's what I needed to hear. The King of Wands might be this new guy I'm interested in, but not sure, because despite our interactions he doesn't seem super present to me....Either way, I submitted a couple of plays to a bunch of theatres and a piece of fiction to a few places, as well as applied for some grants. I'm also a finalist for a playwriting thing too. I guess my more clear question would be if anything is going to come of any of this stuff? Or should I phrase that better?

    Again, thank you so so so much. For advice and for the time.

  • OK, let's take one issue at a time. First I pulled a few cards on the plays you submitted to theatres and got the 5 of Swords and 5 of Wands. I did not get a good feeling about this so I did a full Celtic spread on it. You really need to be careful here. It feels like you will be hearing from someone on this, but this person or persons cannot be trusted at face value. You need to be sure to not let your desire for success and enthusiasm to cloud your judgment and rush with moving things forward. Be careful with contractual negotiations - read the fine print. Get a lawyer or agent to help you if it gets to this point. Bottom line is, things will not be as they appear and you need to be smart about it and protect your interests and rights.

    Foundation: 5 of Pents

    You: Emperor reversed

    Covering you: Knight of Cups reversed

    Crossing you: 5 of Swords

    Crowning: Temperance

    Recent Past: Hermit reversed

    Near Future: 10 of Pents

    Blocks/Inhibitions: 7 of Cups

    Environment/People you are Involved with: 2 of Wands reversed

    Advice: Page of Pents reversed

    Outcome: 7 of Swords reversed

  • Now for the fictional piece you submitted. The initial two cards were Page of Cups and the Emperor. I got a much better feeling on this one, but again got a nagging feeling about asking for help - that King of Wands - kind of a caution about being too naive or trusting. Do you have a literary agent or are you maybe a little too self-reliant in this regard? I see good things here, but with the help of someone...

    Foundation: the Star

    You: King of Pents reversed

    Covering you: 9 of Wands

    Crossing you: 3 of Wands

    Crowning: Strength

    Recent Past: Page of Wands

    Near Future: 5 of Swords

    Blocks/Inhibitions: 4 of Swords reversed

    Environment/people you are involved with: Queen of Wands

    Advice: Knight of Swords reversed

    Outcome: Knight of Wands

  • Bah. Grim. Thank you so much for taking the time out! I will make sure to be careful in everything. Have a wonderful thanksgiving!

  • And on to the grant applications. I think this is going to be frustrating for you. There may be more paperwork involved and/or it will just be a long, drawn-out process which will require a lot of follow-up and attention on your part. If you do put in the frustrating effort required, you may get some money, but not the amount you are expecting.

    Foundation: 8 of Pents

    You: Fool reversed

    Covering you: 9 of Swords

    Crossing you: Strength

    Crowning you: 7 of Pents

    Recent Past: 3 of Wands

    Near Future: 4 of Cups

    Blocks/Inhibitions: Ace of Pents

    Environment/People you are Involved with: 5 of Swords

    Advice: 9 of Wands reversed

    Outcome: King of Swords

  • So it appears as though you are going to have some obstacles to overcome which is why the determination and positive thinking came up so strongly. You are being encouraged to follow your heart's desires, but your success will be well earned if you know what I mean 🙂 That King of Wands was bothering me from the first reading. Part of it is about you - being deternined and self-reliant and having a mind for business. However, I really feel strongly that you are supposed to be getting an agent or some other form of help. That ego message - I didn't say this initially, but it also came through with "humility." You need to not only accept but ASK FOR help instead of trying to do it all on your own.

    Once again, I do see success in the long run so remember the Law of Attraction and keep your thoughts positive! The best thing to do is get up each morning and ask yourself what it is you can do that day to take a step toward your goal(s). Listen to your gut. Then take that action. The hardest part is next....after you have done everything you can do, LET GO AND TRUST that things will work out in your favor.



  • You are so wonderful and have given me a lot to think about! Thank you for doing all of that!!!

  • Also, you're right. No agent. And I totally need one.

    Thank you again. For all of that.

  • You are very welcome 🙂 Have a great Thanksgiving!

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