Pray for my father

  • Hi everyone im here because i have a very sick father who has liver cancer.He is not doing to well and it hurts me very much to see him like this.There are times that he is happy and when he hears bad news he breaks.He is a strong man and he doesnt show his weakness but i can see it.please pray to give him hope and pray for him to get a transplant that he is on the list for.Thank you so much and god bless every one in this world who is suffering from an illness..."god" give the sick strength to be strong and add more yrs to there life". Thank you lord for hearing my prayers!

  • Archangel Raphael,

    Archangel Raphael,

    Archangel Raphael,

    We call upon you for Kateyez411 and her father. Please send your healing energies and help guide them to the people, places and situations that will aid them in this regard. We ask that you send them the love and peace of God.


  • please oh lord give Kateyez411 and her father and family the strenght courgage and hope to come thru this hardship

    many blessings & prayers going to you and your father and family

  • Dear Kareyez, I'm praying for your father's recovery and sending him healing energy. Be strong, he needs positive energy around him. I know what you both are going through. Lots of love and hugs.

  • Thank you sooooo much everyone for the prayers you guys are truly blessed.Keep the prayers coming 🙂

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  • Dear Kateyez,

    The love you have for your father is very comforting for him, and when he is alone it is still with him.

    I pray that if he is to learn more on this plane of life, he recieves assistance speedily.

    I pray that if he passes on instead to the loving beautiful arms that await him

    You will remember his joy when he arrives. Remember that he will be lovingly welcomed by those ones he knew here, and Remember that his spirit will continue with you always. He must have taught you the love you feel so much for him, and for that dear Kateyez you are so blessed.

    Let him know you love him, for that brings joy to his heart.

    May our Heavenly Father hold you both close as you journey through this painful experience, whether it be to survive with a transplant, or to grow to the next level of spiritual oneness.

    Acupuncture may help ease his pain.

    Please keep in touch Kateyez. Much love to you.

  • thank you soo much patchlove for pooring yourself out to me in this way it bring joy to my heart.and i know my father can make it 🙂 thank you all

  • Thank you kateyeyz for your returning love and blessing to my soul.

    Your father will be fine, no matter the outcome here. All is temporary in sickness, for eventually health and well being will be waiting.

    My mother is 76 and just broke her ankle and is in the hospitalafter having surgery. She is on oxygen now, and very much weakened by the experience.

    Suffering and fear of losing our loved ones is with so many at this time, in various circumstances.

    We are together in this sense, not alone. Remembering where our loved ones will go and that they will be waiting for us when it is our time is of comfort.

    God is making this information known around the world, as we are connected by internet and television.

    Take heart dear Kateyez. Read of afterlife experiences, and it may bring you comfort. Perhaps if things take a turn for the worse you may be able to comfort your father with this knowledge.

    Please keep us posted and remember we are here.

    I am not always regular, but when I do come here I will certainly look for you.

    Take good care. May God remind you that your angels are close beside you, and that he hears and feels your spirit, whether it laughs with joy or cries in sorrow; he is near to you.

    Love to you.

  • Patch life' the hardest thing is not knowing at lease there is hope for him and he is a good spirited person.thank you for sharing your story with me ........'God s with us always"

  • Kateyez,

    Is the liver cancer part of a spreading of cancer from other places, or is it of its own?

    Ive heard it said that if a piece of the liver is cut off it will regenerate. I wonder if part of the liver were removed whether healthy cell tissue would reform.

    Also It seems there is a living donor transplantation wherein a living person donates a portion of their of their liver. There is definitive risk involved for both parties, but has been done successfully.

    May Light continue to surround you and your father.

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