Devil Tarot card Help please

  • I would really appreciate some help on the devil card if thats possible..

    I asked the cards about a friend of mine and who hes going to make an effort to talk to this month because i wanted to see if he would make any effort at all in fixing a situation

    So these were the cards

    Who will he make an effort to talk to: Queen of swords

    The person he will make an effort to talk to has a toughness about her, is rational methodical and fair, and handles herself very well but she is also a very feminine and caring person. . An other aspect of this is a person who tends to hide their true feelings behind these masks

    Why will he do this: 8 of cups

    He is walking away from this person no matter how physically, or otherwise, appealing it may seem.

    Moving to a higher ground, like where you were is like it is something that was belittling you in a sense moving away because it has outgrown you and perhaps even your purposes. Like where you are is stopping you from pursuing a different path, in a sense. Yes, stagnation. he feels this person causes that for him so its best for him to move on ...

    What will be the outcome of this situation: Devil, lovers, Magician

    I wasn't really sure how to take this because i get the sense that hes moving away from this female and possibly moving into another sort of relationship?? ...

    If i could get any further advice thatd be so appreciated

  • I think you're spot on Jamie....I sense he is trying to have his cake and eat it as

    the devil=lust

    the lovers= a new love interest

    the majician= he'l be trying to keep both love interests separate; keep them apart and live 2 separate lives....or am I just a cynic?


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  • si de jete prilli ne finance per ujorin

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