Lost my job recently -what awaits me

  • Dear all,

    So I lost my job 3 weeks ago, I have been to interviews so thats good. I asked tarot if I would be able to obtain employment soon

    How do u feel about your self now- The Sun

    What you most want at this moment » The Moon

    Your fears » The Magician

    What is going for you » Judgment

    What is going against you » the hagman

    : Outcome »death

    Any help would be appreciated

  • Hi

    Tarot is good for insight as is psychic readings BUT when unemployed you must remain in reality. I gather you have told the instance jobagency you´re for hire, and your union to cash on on financial aid. If you haven´t, get to it as soon as you can. I say this bc no one knows how long it will take any to get a new job. So make sure you have the finance to pay all your regular bills in order, maybe make a budget so you don´t overspend.

    Unemployment ain´t easy, it´s like a lottery. YOu may be lucky next week but you may not land a new job as soon as you would like it. Some has gone months years without any luck.

    A good tarot reader once told me that a tarot spread is a picture of the moment they are laid, and it changes as time goes by. Tarot can keep you in hopebut for your own good, and tale it from one who has been unemployed months now, please stay in reality.

    Blessings n best wishes 4 landing that new job.



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