Please Help Locating Psychic

  • Hello! I've been looking for a psychic named, Maria Pearman, Peerman, or Pierman, located in the downtown Washington, DC area, without success. She had an office on K Street and was VERY, VERY good. She was married and her husband was a psychic, also. She told me some things that were pretty drastic and they came true - 3 years in advance- only off by one week. Life changing things. I would desperately like to find her and am willing to travel to see her. If anyone knows Maria Pearman, Wash DC area, please get back to me. I understand that she was pretty hooked up with the celebrity circuit, but never charged more than $25.00 for a reading. She was wonderful - if I could have made my husband listen to her advice (he didn't believe) - all our lives would be different today! If anyone has any info, pls let me know! Thanks

  • ok I have found her for you (helps to be local).....

    Maria Pearman's Psychic Tarot Readings

    4501 Connecticut Avenue Northwest,

    Washington, DC 20008

    (202) 393-0349

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