Should i Be worried if this happen...

  • So briefly Me and my fiancé are in our mid 20's, she likes doing casual readings for her friends and likes getting readings done by professionals, Im not entirely convinced but I'm always open to these types of things. Just the other night we were waiting for my friend to visit from out of town. To pass the time I decide to randomly grab her Tarot deck and do a reading of my own choosing. It was very random and the more reason we are kind of freaked out.

    I shuffled the deck well asked her to make five piles, i discarded the top pile to avoid tampering... lined them up and said pick first then i pick the second and this is were we are now.. she picked the DEVIL, we both laughed and i teased her it was funny... (in the teasing i forget my card) there are two more piles, i said you pick then i'll pick and this will be us in 5 years... she picks DEATH. At this point we are kind of freaked out a little... at an attempt at lightening the mood and making us feel better... i say ok lets do it once more and see what happens...........

    I do the same thing , closed my eyes and relaxed when i shuffled and all. This time we picked up the cards in the same exact way and I got the DEVIL first and then I got the DEATH card second...

    The odds of this happening seem crazy to us both and i thought about finding a forum someone could give us more insight on if this should be bothersome. I did a lot of reading and i/we already understand this doesn't nescasarly mean someone is going to die or we are the devil...

    I'd like to apologize in advanced if this isn't the right kind of forum to make a post like this and thanks for any insight anyone has.


  • It's no surprise to me that you kept getting the same cards - that is what card-reading and psychic ability is all about, it's not a random thing, it's the way spirit/God/your guides get something important through to you. Getting the same cards is to show you that the cards are not fake or picked by chance. The message here from the Universe seems to me to indicate that you two are turning away from material reality (the Devil) and seeking to transform yourselves completely (Death) into people who desire a more spiritual and simple way of life. (Or else it is saying you SHOULD be doing this, if you aren't already.)

  • I really like the way you explained that, I had said a similar explanation to my fiancé last night but it was much more rough sounding.

    Thanks very much for your response, I think I will continue to learn more about this profession.

    We appreciate the confidence that this sounds like a good message regardless.

    Thanks again.

  • You're very welcome! 🙂

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