I stopped looking and ..poof..he was there.

  • Hi everyone,

    Just recently found this site and have had a lot of fun reading and learning from everyone. I am writing more to ease my mind from obsessive thinking then anything, 🙂

    I had not been looking to date or start a relationship. I have been divorced for a long time and have had several relationships since, but none of the men have been the "one" for me. Although I have no regrets and have learned alot about myself in the process. I am happy with who I am and like being on my own. At any rate, a year or two ago, my daughter told me about this online site and I went to check it out. In order to do that, I had to create a profile. I had forgotten all about it until August, when I rec'd an email from a guy wanting to chat. I thought, why not. So, this guy and I emailed back in forth for a while and then started texting. We would go a week or so in between texts and I would think, oh well, he is not interested. Then I would get a text saying "haven't heard from you in a while". We met in person right before Halloween. I was immediately attracted and felt he was also. The whole sparks flew thing. We have seen each other a few times since and text most every day.

    So what is the problem? My patience and my unrealistic expectation that this should be moving faster. I get myself all in a tizzy if I don't hear from him everyday now. Funny how fast that changed.

    I get a strong sense that his is interested, but is scared due to past hurts. I get that and am willing to wait it out (for a while) to see how this unfolds. Anyway, thanks for listening...I feel better. Feel free to comment. 🙂

    btw..I am a proud Taurus!

  • whoops..forgot to say that he is a Virgo. I have had a few Virgo's in my life and know how they can be. Still doesn't help my thinking... lol

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