Was this psychic correct?

  • Hello all 🙂 my name is danibo. I usually am on the tarot page (I ask as well as perform tarot readings). But I want all of your psychic opinions on this. it's much appreciated.

    Anyways, here's what I want to know. I have been going to a psychic for a couple of months concerning this guy (we'll call him Bob) that I am interested in. I met him over the summer, we went out on a date, and ever since then, we haven't talked or seen each other. This bothers me quite a bit, and I want to reach out to him again (he works on a cruise ship), although it may be hard. I want this to work out so badly!

    I went to go see the psychic on friday, and he told me that I'll be seeing Bob between now and Christmas! (OMG!) but he didn't tell me when exactly, and HOW we would contact each other (as if, I should send him an e-mail asking him out to coffee, or if he'll contact me first).

    I just want to know: was he right? will I see Bob before Christmas?

    and well, should I be the one to send him the e-mail, or will HE send an e-mail to me himself?

    Thanks for all the help from the spiritually talented individuals. I appreciate it sincerely.


    Dani Bo ❤

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