Blmoon, may I have your opinion? :)

  • Hello Blmoon!

    Let me introduce myself, hi! My name is DaniBo, and I'm a novice tarot reader and avid poster here on this forum. I have noticed your lovely posts to other people, and I wanted to ask you to express your wisdom with me towards a specific situation. Would you be a doll and do me that favor? I'll exchange a tarot reading with you for this. That seems fair, right?

    Well, here's what's been on my mind. If you've read any of the posts I've shared with AstraAngel or Jamie3, you can probably guess that there's a potential relationship with a guy named Nick that's pretty worrisome at the moment. I met him over the summer on a cruise (he works there), we hit it off, went out on a date, and haven't talked since. However, I want to ask him out to coffee so we can catch up and see if this is headed anywhere.

    I have been going to a psychic for a few months, and on friday, he told me that I would be seeing Nick before Christmas. He also told me that I would have to ask Nick to talk via e-mail, and that I would need to initiate it.

    What vibes are you getting here, Blmoon? WIll I see Nick by Christmas? Should I send Nick an e-mail asking him out to coffee, or should I wait till his initiates?

    I appreciate the help and guidance so much. Let me know if there's any readings I can do for you!


    Dani Bo ❤ 🙂

  • First impressions--I see an image of a circus juggler---very preocupide with it--he's very good at it. This man is charming--personable and fits into his job--makes happy hospitality. He is not happy too long in one place--thrives on change and meets lots of friends--many women but does not make roots or form long relationships. He's a wanderer and has strong venus influence and is magnetic but a bit of a negative mars influence. He lives and loves in the moment. Expresses his true feelings but once at a distance he can forget and so many women have questioned his disapearing act. He gets very preocupied--like the juggler--he enjoys the intense distraction of work and plans---he may say he'd love a vacation yet get anxiouse being to still. Nothing personal--but he gets lots of e-mails---and often they fill his box. The magnatism you felt with him was real but not exclusive--it's who he is. He did find you attractive--felt a spark and hooked up but then he moved on. You did nothing wrong. If you had spent more time with him you may have gotten more insight into his nature instead of just feeling the attraction. He is like a drug and left you craving for more. This feeds a deeper issue in you---the fantasy drug. It often soothes other painfull emotions we'd rather not feel or deal with so we just feel the warmth and distraction of fantasy and recreating that yummy energy he wrapped you in. I think it is fine to send one more e-mail---bu make it the last and make yourself a promise to let it go.. Spirit doesn't say if he will answer so there is a lesson but they do say if he does hook up again and you did get a few more dates you would change your mind about him and despite the yummy vibes he would disapoint you in a way you can't except. But it's all good they say. BLESSINGS!

  • hi bi-moon, just read your reading to danibro,

    i was touched and moved with your reading and would like to request one myself if u don;t mind.

    my dob is 3rd of june 1966 and he is 22nd of june 1962, what can u fell on our relationship, past , present and future? are u picking up any vibes? whatever u can relate will be much appreciated.

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