Would like to know what kind of energy is around me-

  • If someone could please do a reading or any kind of insight, I would really appreciate it.

  • I pulled an oracle card for you -

    "Something precious is all around you but has become so familiar you can barely see it anymore. It is such a fixture in your life that familiarity has bred, if not contempt, then a kind of blindness. You are being asked to see the abundance around you, and to appreciate that while you are in physical form, there is so much you can enjoy. Harvest what is yours now and call in any debts (there may be outstanding money issues at this time) and share the bounty. Don't let anyone 'cheat' you of what is yours. And know that in truth you don't own a single thing - no one does. It will all pass through your hands. But still, ironically, the things that you have earned through your hard work are worth protecting. They are not too small! They are not too ordinary! You have more material wealth than you think, so please do count your blessings every day."

  • Thank you, I will remember that.

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