Bartending..should i ...should i not.

  • I became really interested in this after speaking to a friend.i am a very social person and i know alot of people in the club scene and i think i can make an accomplishment doing this type of work.i spoke to my sister and she is willing to watch my kids every other wk-end im just not sure if she will follow through on her part and i dont want to invest my money in this if shes not going to do her part.I want to know if my sister will follow through on her part and if i will make good money doing this.Please help me make a decision thanks

  • Kateyez,

    This is not coming through as a good choice for you at this time. Focus on creating a job/career that will be in a more positive energy and atmosphere. There are many other things you can do if you like being with and around people.



  • thanks for the advise

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