The Captain.. WaterGirl... please help me understand...

  • Hello I am new to the forums and have seen many people seek guidance from you two and you guys have been more than willing. I am hoping that you can give me some type of guidance as lately I have been so lost. My work situation has been on a hold as I try to figure out what move to make which has left me with way more time than I am use to. I feel as if I am on some type of life change and it's make or break time. I am trying to hold on but lately it's been so hard. I am left with all these negative bad feelings and I can't shake them. Can someone please tell me if I am going to get through this funk a better person? I have this huge urge to give back and help others but don't know how or where to start will I put this energy to use? I am so sad and lonely which is so unlike myself I feel so guilty for having these feelings. Can someone please give me a reading or some insight thanks!

  • Facing challenges always makes us better people and wiser too.

    Can you tell me a bit about your work and life situation - what are the pros and cons of the moves you want to make?

  • PS I know that for Taureans (I am one, too) change is very difficult because we can get very stuck in a familiar routine. But we can learn to accept change if we try.

  • Thanks for the reply Captain I forgot to mention my Birthday is May 3, 1982 if that helps any.

    I recently went on a leave from work because of stress my director was causing me I had a lot of family issues my nephew in the hospital and my cousin was murdered it was a bit much to handle. Since taking this time off my director has made it even more difficult to go back I am now faced with returning to work and knowing it will be even more stress on me or or seeking legal action which I really do not want. My director has a history of doing this to people and usually always gets away with it. Being the stubborn, prideful Taurus that I am it's hard to return with these hurt feelings towards her.

    Since having all this time off I have learned so much about myself things I already knew but was too busy to understand or actually sit and listen to myself if that makes sense. I have not had a relationship in so long and feel so lonely I feel like I have so much love to give and keep putting myself in awful situations and allow people to treat me awful I don't understand why even with my work situation for 2 years I have been unhappy but sucked it up and did my job because that's just what I do. Recently I fell hard for a cancer and even though I knew he was not for me I still hung on gave him a chance even though I knew I deserved better. Why do I do this?

    The changes I want to make is to finally do things for me be a little selfish I want to take legal action against the company I work for, I enrolled back in school to get a degree in human services completely different from my 9-5 sales world i am use to. Change is soooo scary for me and I am so lost.

  • you're a Taurus also!!! I am sure you understand me us bulls think too much with our hearts it can be a bad thing at times 😞

  • Captain can you help me?

  • Sorry, I live in Australia so the time difference doesn't permit me to answer you now - but I will get back to you when morning comes around again for me tomorrow. I want to be able to give your problems plenty of time and attention.

  • No worries Captain take your time... Thanks in advance you're the best!!

  • TaurusGirly, you are here to delve into and assimilate the content that lies in the realms of your unconscious. As career-minded and ambitious as you may be, you must overcome your fear of being different from others in order to pursue your own individuality. To do this, you must undergo a sometimes frightening process of examining your inner life, dreams, fantasies, and imagination, as it is there that you will discover the wealth of inspiration that will allow you to live an authentic life. Though you will never give up your orientation towards the practical or your literal/linear-mindedness, you must draw on the imagery found in your imagination, expressing it through some form of artistic endeavour. Your core lesson is to vanquish the fear of your own unconscious and to release your deep need for material security. Your goal is to tap into your creative fertility, using your gifts of resourcefulness, determination, and originality.

    You are a natural teacher and healer possessing sensitivity, healing hands, strength, and great intuition. But you mustn't let your need to be in control of every aspect of your life stop your from showing others who you really are. When you no longer have to fight yourself to repress your true feelings and personality, you will free yourself to be 'just you' and you will find other people respond much better to you with all your insecurities and honest feelings out in the open than to some perfect model of control and invulnerability that they just cannot relate to or trust. You must not be afraid to be yourself or follow your own way in life. It's the only way you will ever be truly happy. You are intelligent and want to be recognized for it. So you must not allow your fear of being different or standing out of the crowd to hold you back from exploring fresh ideas and inspirations. Your need to share your visions with others is quite pronounced so don't get stuck in a narrow rut of routine or conformist thinking. You have to learn to detach yourself and move forward, and not become fixated in unproductive experiences through a fear of change or the pain of letting go of the past. You have a strong sense of fair play which is why you get so upset at the unfairness you see in the world. By being fair in your dealings with others, by being honest about yourself and not wearing a fake persona, and by trusting those around you to be fair with you, you can teach your fellow human beings to be better people through your good example. Explore your psyche with the same fervour with which you search for other types of knowledge. Be willing to talk about yourself with the same openness with which you talk about most other things, and your life will go beautifully well. The key to your success in this life is to be authentic and unafraid to do your own thing, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

    Your career fulfillment will come through the setting up of a commercial enterprise based on your own creative inspiration. You have the gift of being able to nurture and support others - therefore any profession that gives you the opportunity to nourish people (physically, mentally or emotionally) is a joy for you. Good choices include dealing with food (restaurants, hotels, hospitality, cooking etc.), house repairs or real estate investment and selling, and working in the home. But make sure that with investments and business dealings you use your great intuition - follow your 'hunches'. You have a solid and accurate business sense and an excellent capacity for bargaining and shrewd negotiating. You instinctively know how to accomplish things and succeed in business. Your high energy, intuition, and sensitivity would make you a great counsellor who could grasp important subtleties about her clients' lives. When you recognize and use your inborn leadership and authority, you can inspire and help others. Working in the healing field (hands-on-body or energy work - masseur, healer, physiotherapist, etc.) or in a business that helps others would really fulfill you. Writing, teaching, and motivating people are other areas where you would excel. No matter what your livelihood, you will enjoy it most if you are given the opportunity to use your inner gifts, creative energies, and natural sense of authority. You must practise the utmost honesty and integrity with money and business. When your creative energy flows onward with courage and with love, you will manifest money naturally. When you feel personally secure instead of just materially secure and are willing to claim your own authority, you will create abundance on every level and make as much money AS YOU ALLOW YOURSELF TO. No one can stop you but yourself - when you understand that, you get out of your own way and make significant contributions to the world.

  • Thanks so much Captain makes so much sense as I have currently come to see that I need to be more vocal and not hold back and tack chances. I know I have a lot to contribute at times but I'm always so afraid of how others will react i hold back way too much.

    Do you see anything happening in my love life? Will I finally get over this Cancer guy? His birthday is June 26, 1980... Sorry just wondering where my love life is heading since it has made me so depressed lately when usually I just move on and get over it..

    Thanks again for your time!!

  • Your relationship with Mr. Cancer can work and indeed flourish for both a love affair and marriage. This will never be a traditional type of relationship - the usual rules of conduct will not apply. This means it can have an originality and an honourableness that you will both value and even idealize, helping to make it quite long-lasting. You two both appreciate unusual and unconventional people, places and things. TG, your need to nurture and protect those whom the world has treated badly surfaces in this relationship and you two may make friends with other couples whom elsewhere are not always appreciated or understood. Your Cancer man will enjoy trying to make your life more comfortable and secure, especially through the energy invested in the home base. Given the relationship's full pallette of emotional expression, sympathy, kindness, love, and understanding should find fertile ground here. Care will have to be taken however, because jealousy, lack of communication or miscommunication, and feelings of rejection can appear periodically, especially if attentions from a third party are involved. Your man needs to feel desirable and creative and may look elsewhere if he feels he is not getting enough from you. He can get quite obsessed and rebellious over sex and sexuality. You two must try to discuss your differences without arguing. Stay open to all viewpoints, even the conservative ones.

    What your Cancer man wants most is to receive love, but early events may have messed up his head sexually and inhibited his need for a fulfilling relationship that includes healthy sexual expression. So you may have to remind him that he needs to give love too as well as desire it. Your need to be in control of every area of your life can interfere with your love relationships unless you loosen up and just go with the flow more. Make sure you are not trying to control your partner or he may rebel. Let go of your own self-control as well and work on that fear of losing yourself to someone else that could be inhibiting your love life.

  • Thanks so much I will definitely try the things you suggested right now we are not talking as he decided it was best to part ways. I am devastated and sad beyond words but know I need to give him time. I agree on the whole communication part finally got it after so many arguments. It's been tough but I am just gonna let him self reflect and discover hopefully he decides to give it another try. Thanks again for your time Captain it was very much appreciated!!

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