Thank you Captain

  • i feel a lot better about my upcoming surgery because of you. i still am nervous, but that is normal. even my mom noticed my change in mood.

    do you see anything else that imshould be concerned sbout? i hope to have kids soon and i just want to be sure before i have them.


  • With regards to having children, do you mean you have physical concerns?

  • yes, i mean will my wife and i be healthy. i always fear that after this ordeal, my wife or i will have something else go wrong.

  • No, this will be the beginning of a new better life for you and, if your wife chooses to put the past troubles behind her, it can be a new start for her too. The storm is almost over and the clouds with silver linings are moving into place. The future can be what you want it to be. Your roles within marriage may change with you being healthier and more capable of doing the things you want and your wife will have to adjust to looking less after you and more after herself.

  • thank you so much. i sincerely appreciate your time.

  • Do you see another woman coming into my life? i think my wife will be happy looking after herself after this. i think she needs a break.

  • I think you should put off thoughts of a 'replacement' until you see what your wife decides she wants. She might surprise you.

  • I dont want to replace her lol. I was worried that my marriage might fail b/c of this. Thank you so much.

  • It's funny, as I wrote in another tread, my old girlfriend called me and wanted to have lunch. She lives far away and I wasn't sure what her motives were. I think it's just friendship but i wont meet her. Do you see her as wanting more than just friendship?

  • It really doesn't matter if she wants more than friendship. You won't respond to her if you really want to succeed with your marriage.

  • i know, you are right. i guess i was just wondering if she still has feelings. i am not going to respond.

    i am very impressed with how you can know / feel things. my family always said my aunt had a sense and it was often bad things. it would come to her in dreams. how do you know how it wil be for me? i believe you, i am just curious...if you dont mind.

    you are the best.

  • I sense that there are very positive vibes around you for now and the future and that you increase them by being upbeat and hopeful yourself. Somewhere on a deep level in your Higher self, you sense it too.

  • Every now and then, I get a feeling my surgery will work. That is so unlike me.

    Do you sense a career change? I am not sure if I should run the family business, fly, or do what I went to school for. Thank you. You are great.

  • You need to put off making any big life decisions until after the surgery because the way you feel now compared to the incredible joy and relief you will feel after the operation will be so different that it will influence all your life choices in a way you cannot imagine at present. Plus the surgery and recovery should be your only focus right now. One step at a time! Put all your positive energy into thinking thoughts of healing, wellness and strength.

  • The big mistake everyone makes is to get stuck into thinking that what has happened in the past will repeat in the future. That way we fall into a continous cycle of expecting and repeating old patterns and situations. This happens in relationships, especially - people think that because they have always ended up getting hurt, then they always will. And so they keep 'recycling' hurt and loss. But by learning what the lesson was and where they went wrong, they can lose the need to keep repeating the past.

    What you expect to happen WILL happen. So expect to get well.The medical mistakes that were done to you are not going to be repeated in the future. If you think they are, you lock yourself into recreating that very situation. That is why it is so important to see every new day as a new chance to achieve everything you want. A new day can really be a new and different day for you if you believe it can. Create the future you want.

  • i expect to get well but i get nervous that if i get so confident and it fails, i will be crushed. i guess thats normal. i guess i cant imagine being normal again. even my new dr says there is only a slim chanceof failure. this dr is one of the best but i always worty that there will be complications. its good to know you feel it will go well. would you tell me if you had a bad feeling?

    also, do you feel i will ever get along witj my sister? i dont get whatsvwrong with her.

    thank you again. you have helped so much.

  • Yes I am a plain speaker and I would tell you if I thought there would be trouble, but I feel the operation will be a complete success.

    If you give me your sister's birthdate, I can try to find out what is bothering her. Does she just have a problem with you or everyone?

  • thank you. her bday is 6/22/79. she has issues with my wife and i.

  • Your sister has self-doubt issues and a problem finding solutions to life. She can get herself into difficulties and not be able to get out of them, such as calling a truce with you and your wife. She is an overly sensitive, often 'too passive for her own good' perfectionistic type of person who tends to focus more on the harsh realities of the world than the positive ones. Rather than retreat from the truth however, she must release her fatalism and adopt a more optimistic, 'can-do' approach. Creative, imaginative and secretly romantic, she is impressionable and feeling-oriented. She may live to please others and be so very hurt when they don't seem to appreciate her efforts to please. It's easier for her to withdraw or isolate herself in the face of hurt feelings, slights, or complications in her difficult emotional life.

    She has issues about being trapped or lied to, to the point where she doesn't even trust herself. She has a dread of consistency so her behaviour will always be erratic and unstable until she learns that stability doesn't mean dull or dreary. She is a deep thinker and philosopher who however fears the rigors of education. She can also be very gullible. She is thinking all the time - sometimes too much so - she can analyse or obsess over a situation to death. Most of her thoughts involve escaping from work or trying to run away from some drudgery-laden routine that doesn't allow her five minutes' rest. She is plagued with doubts about things she was taught as a child - religion, social and moral beliefs, love, material concerns, etc.

    If she can only cultivate her highly astute powers of observation and perception, and apply her talents to the business of finding solutions for her own and others' problems, her life would be so much easier and successful. Grounding some strong emotional energies will be especially important for her, as will simply gaining the life experience to better know when not to give her all or wear her heart on her sleeve. While she will always tend to be a rather private person, she does possess a fine willingness to negotiate, mediate, and come up with the right answers to the problems she may face in life.

    Her challenge is to save herself from self-imposed isolation. Her fulfillment will come in believing her efforts to be in service to humanity and a higher cause. Her Achilles' Heel is that she always feels like a victim, always blaming others for her inability to solve her own problems, always escaping from the responsibililty for her own life choices. She is confused about religion but desperately wants to believe in and be supported by a Higher Power, to let go into the 'security blanket' of her own personal connection with the Universe. She has an insatiable need to experience peace and oneness. To do this however, she must go into the world and be of service to others. Once she see how much worse other people have it, she will lose her own feeling of being a victim, of being badly done by. Once she gets out of her own head and self, she will understand that she has much to give and has had a much better life than many. As she shifts attention from her own fears and issues, and instead focuses on the here and now, she will easily see how to restore order in situations of chaos.

    Your sister is very judgmental about herself and everyone else, quick to spot imperfections, and hypersensitive to any criticism herself. Yet she allows herself to be defined by others' opinions. High-strung, nervous, and hindered by self-doubt, she plays it safe and never risks failure. Thus reality never seems to meet her expectations or hopes, and chronic depression can set in. She needs to be more practical and accept that, though nothing in this world is perfect, life can be beautiful nonetheless. By becoming more spiritually-oriented, your sister can gain that sense of connection that she craves and, by following her heart's intuition, become capable of solving any problem or situation that may confront her.

    You and your wife may have to be the peace-brokers here because as you can see, your sister can block herself into a bad aituation and be unable to find a way out. You have to be the better people and help her fight her fears. She needs to find a creative outlet for her issues and deal with all the self-doubt that is keeping her locked in a prison of fear.

  • you were right about my wife needing time to herself. she had a blow out with me and my mom today. i cant imagine this working out, but i hope it does. i just need my surgery to work and all will be ok.

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