Seeking Insight..Cap Male & Scorp femme/Mixed Signals

  • Seeking insight, I am a first deacon Scorp and heavily rely on intuitive instincts most of the time.

    Met a Cap guy first date was hardly any eye contact was fidgeting with fingers, would catch him looking away, I believed he had no interest and was being polite when asked for a second and third hug at the end of the date. Upon getting home received lengthy email he felt a deep connection to me and so forth which totally blew my mind.

    The week of my birthday he had a gift for me every day of the week including flowers to my home, imported chocolates, hockey tickets and dinner. Second date asked my thoughts of relocating with him (as he is having to relocate to either AZ, FL or Canada) I dismissed it b/c it was date #2.

    We made it a point for us to see each other at least 3x a week, approaching month two and he asked my thoughts on relocating again but did not want me to provide an answer right away to plant the seed.

    Here comes the mixed signals during dinner this week (11/16/11) I mentioned I did not know he thought of me in that capacity (sharing residence) he says in the beginning he was seeking an LTR and spend the rest of his life with someone, then says 'it may not be you' I am now highly confused b/c after he says that he still holds my hand at dinner, massaged my shoulder, caressed my faced a few times, rested his leg against mine, combined with laughter and conversation.

    Unsure how to process this now, I give him his space and allow him to pursuit me but I check in a couple days a week with a 'hello handsome,have a good day' type message always letting him know he is thought of. He did call late last night to see how my day was which let me know he was thinking of me. I phoned him this morning before his day got hectic he was getting car serviced the conversation was standoffish and cold, I felt. Should I not contact him anymore and await for him to reach out to me.

    Also he bought my favorite beverage and coffee at his house so I would have them there and the remaining NFL pkg so we couldn't have to meet at the sports bar to watch our fave team. Bought me back a bottle of my fave wine from Canada and hand picked me two Toronto leaves with perfect shade of yellow and had them in a zip lock baggie.

    Sidebar: when he invites me to come over I end up staying 2-3 days ( I can work remotely instead of going into the office), he introduced me to his son who is going off to college this summer, we have not been intimate since 10/31 nor have I spent the night since then as he has been traveling and has been busy BUT we have been on dinner dates in the interim.

    Am I over analyzing this as him wanting to end things or just he is 'that' busy/distracted? Stressing please advise as a Scorp once the emotions are engaged the inner intuition gets cloudy.

  • Hi Msteeblu : )

    I'm sorry but I don't really see the mixed messages. From your post, he sounds very thoughtful and sweet. Him saying " it may not be you," was simply an honest statement of you possibly not being his lifelong partner. This does not mean he doesn't like you, he seems as if he is enjoying the process of getting to know you and cares for you in some capacity.

    Enjoy the process with him, he sounds like a keeper. Caps (not always of course but generally speaking) tend to be workaholics and can simply be moody at times and need time alone to think ( this has NOTHING to do with you or how he feels ), give him his space. Time will tell what his intentions are.

  • Snowball I appreciate your response and feedback, enjoy the day.

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