I feel stuck...

  • Good Evening Everyone,

    For a while now, I have had this feeling of being stuck in a kind of monotonous existence. I try to move forward regarding what I'd like for myself (specifically education and career), but it seems like there is a barrier of some sort preventing me from completing anything. I have the drive, motivation and willingness to complete what I start, yet I just cannot! Something always pops up. It's like I get to the door, open it, see what's through the threshold, but just can't walk through it. It is frustrating me and I'd like some help. Any guidance or insight will be greatly appreciated.

    Peace and Blessings,


  • Amirah,

    You need motavation dear. You sometimes feel: What is the use, where will this take me, is it a waste of my time? I do feel that in Feb of 2012 you will find just what you need almost in a unusal way, when you are not seeking it out. Do you play a musical instrucment? I hear music around you. Before you go to sleep at night, pray and ask our heavenly father to guide you to the person or people that will put you on the right pathway. He will never stir you wrong.

    Have A Wonderful Thankful Holiday


  • Thank you so much Shuabby for responding!!!

    I do feel that way at times! More often than not, I must admit!!

    I love to sing!! I used to play the french horn in school too but not anymore. Hubby is a DJ so that may be what it is..

    Thank you again, It seems motivation is a recurring theme for me regarding this situation. I accidentally double posted in another section of the forum and got the same response.

    I don't see how motivation is the common denominator though?

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