Psychics I seek your insights

  • HI and hello psychics

    I have questions for your so please aide me. I know three WONDERFUL darling men, but I sorta wanna narrow it down to one only. Can ANY of you lovely psychics tell me which of the three men is the one who will become my husband?

    Further aide me in how to make it happen.

    Fireman cancer or libra writer or aries business / actor?

    I myself am a pisces born march 10 1972

    Thank you.

  • hi, you have 3 wonderfull friends and you know that is what they are. if one of these was the special one you would know. i think each one has a quality you admire but no one has all

    you expect. please dont put pressure on yourself or your friends and dont play one against the other. enjoy the friendship and love you receive all will be revealed in time.

  • The pressure i place is always on myself. typical pisces trait. Anything else?

  • Hi there I saw that you had answered the above question are you able to look at this?

    I’m writing to you from Canada about someone very special to me. I met him at the beginning of this year and he currently resides in the USA. We’re really good friends but I can feel that there is something strong between us. Every since I saw him and met him for the first time I had a connection where I felt as if I have known him all my life. I love the chemistry that we have. We get along great, have a good understand of one another. He’s been concentrating on his career right now, and he’s gotten into the area that he’s been wanting to go. I’ve always supported him from day one and knew that his career was in his hands and he’s going to be concentrating on that but he would always still make an effort to keep in touch, and want to see me. I feel like there are feelings there but I want to know how do you feel about this relationship? Do you see us being with one another .. I’ll be honest, I love him, I care for him so much more than any one and I want him to be happy with everything in life and want the best for him. I’ve been patient; understanding and giving him the love and support that one would need during the times when he needed someone not that I had to but I wanted to be there and I understand what one has to go through to achieve their dreams. Now my question is do you see things working out for us, do you see a future for us, are things able to work out the way that I want everything to go.. This is the man that I am going to marry, I can feel it, is my heart correct or should I let go of my feelings for him. He’s truly a gift that walked into my life and I just pray that things do work out for us, for me to move and eventually be with my love. What can I expect? Any information is greatly appreciated, I do thank you in advance for your words .. Thank you!

  • Hi, I have a question for you. Are all these men marriage-minded. Have they all hinted at marriage. You must be busy. If I had to pick for you, I would think the Libra. Be yourself and see what happens.

  • To Dalia ... are you able to comment on my story?

    To TYSION .. are you able to tell me anything?

  • Hi Lilprincess, Well, I thought you post was one of the nicest I have read on this site. I'm sorry that I overlooked it as I usually read the main one and later come back and read some of the responses.

    Continue to be caring, honest and truthful. I hope he is the same for you. That's my main concern because that is how I see your feelings here.

    Don't forget your dreams and ambitions too. Stay on a steady course and do what is best for you always.

    It sounds like the ball is in his court meaning that you are totally vested in him. I'll pray that whatever happens, it'll be for the best for both of you.

  • Hi Dalia .. Thank you so much for taking the time out and reading and writing back to me. I do appreciate it .. Thank you for your kind words .. My feelings have been like that since day one, I've always been like that towards people and especially him.. my parents have always taught me to love, care and treat people with respect and being true and honest will always guide you .. tand treat people the way you would like to be treated .. I hope and also pray that I get that in return as well .. I'm working away and continuing being who I am .. at home and at work .. Yes you're correct .. the ball is in his hands .. I respect him and his feelings .. I have faith .. I wish I could see whats going to happen cus i dont want to get hurt .. my heart is in this and I hope things do work out for us, do you see or feel anything for us .. I'd rather know the truth .. I appreciate your prayers and thoughts .. thank you again ..

  • Thanx Dalia, I do believe I will do just that. Libra yay! LOL

  • Hey Dalia, .. are you able to give me an update as to what you see or feel ? just curious ... thank you in advance ..

  • hello dalia, can you see my future with this man?

    I'm sagitarius

    He's libra

    We have something going on, I want to know if it's going to be a relationship in the future

    thank you

  • Hi, I get feelings from reading the posts, that's why I respond to so many. Don't really know how psychic I am.

    LilPrincess: You have set the framework for this relationship. You have honest and caring feelings towards this person. Put faith and belief in yourself that you will be able to judge what is right and true for you. I caution you not to put anyone on a pedestal so high that they become everything. Relationships are give and take. Think about what is right for you. Continue to be the true person you are and don't settle for anything less. You are a good, great person.

    Pinky: I don't want to say yes or no because there is always more to it. You have a need for friends and Libra is friendly and probably easy going. If there is enough shared interests, I think there could be a future. I think you all are good at being friends. Sometimes it's better to keep it at friends for awhile and then see what happens.

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