Help with a Conflict Reading.

  • Hello there! I've been a lurker here for quite some time, and I was wondering if I could get some help on interpreting a reading. I use the Rider Waite deck. 🙂

    I keep feeling like there's tension between a friend and I, and I'm not sure what to do over the issue.

    1. Current Situation - 7 of Swords.

    Maybe this is saying that I feel as if I'm being tricked, or lied to?

    2. What you want the outcome to be - 5 of Wands

    This card is really confusing to me, I don't want conflict at all.

    3. What other people involved want the outcome to be - The lovers.

    Usually I associate the lovers with choice, so perhaps the other person involved would like to see some sort of choice being made?

    4. What is a realistic expectation - Wheel of fortune.

    For things to change, for better, or maybe for worse.

    5. What action is needed - The World

    I need to take a more worldly view, less focusing on miniscule details and the bigger picture. Or does it mean that our relationship is completed and I need to move on?

  • The focus is on PERSPECTIVE. It is your choice to see something or not. Get out of your head for awhile----spend time outside and it will refresh and bring enought distance to restore clarity and open the way to imagine other possibilities. Don't look for trouble. Other's vibes often have reasons that change like weather and do not always mean you are the source. Mostly, I'm getting you are too close to the question and need distance--let it go and the answer will come. For now let this worry go and trust some questions solve themselves on their own timeliness. Choose for now not to fear the worst. BLESSINGS!

  • The 7 of Swords can be about self-defeating behavior. Swords are mercurial energy...look at the image on the card... you are letting your thoughts run away from you!

    If you used reversals, the 5 of Wands would have come up reversed. Reversed, this card signifies an END to conflict - which is what you are hoping for.

    The Lovers can be about choice, but it can be a lot of other things as well. In this instance, it is speaking to me as friendship, harmony, etc. This confirms that this "conflict" may be all in your head as this person is only seeing friendship with you in the future...if there is a conflict for this person it doesn't have anything to do with you or you have blown it out of proportion.

    Wheel of Fortune as realistic expectation is to relax and let the wheel turn. Whatever is bothering this person, if anything, blow over and/or resolve itself. Let time takes its course.

    The World as the action needed is telling you to calm yourself and your mind. This card speaks to fulfillment, inner peace and harmony, happiness, etc. No worries. Do as Blmoon said and get yourself outside and release your fears!

  • Hi watergirl!

    You have a REFRESSING aura about you. Thanks for responding after me as I am always wondering if a Tarot reader sees what I see when I "FEEL" the cards! BLESSINGS!

  • Hi Blmoon 🙂 Not sure how refreshing I really am - I've had a rough couple of weeks! Just trying to focus on overcoming obstacles and persevering. Every time I go outside or do something to calm myself down, I come back inside and get all worked up again (LOL)!

  • I hear howling! I guess the trickster is a smart a ss! I have had a wild ride myself--just now on the otherside--finally. It's as if I was a bit too slow winding up the last of my healing befor the big shift and the angels gave me the golden boot and said "GODSPEED".! AND the DREAMS!!! It's like seeing my whole life story--every shadow I've known--one big Felini movie! I rarely dream of my "difficult" family members--but they all appeared in my dreams!

  • At least you got the "GODSPEED"!!!! My problem is I haven't been able to remember my dreams - even all throughout October. I wake up knowing I had one and it was important or "deep" in some way, but can't remember it. I also am having difficulty figuring out what exactly I am supposed to be resolving which is why I get so full of angst over it. I just don't understand the message so it's taking a long time to resolve and it's really wearing me down at times. I am applying for a job that could be considered my "past" but honestly, I am at a point where I need to rely on my work history and experience. Besides, there really are things about it I enjoy and I just haven't come up with anything else after a year of solitude and going inward! But the stuff that has gotten stirred up from it is from friends and previous employers (family relations are fine). Just not sure exactly what I am supposed to be "healing" though 😞 Hoping it will resolve itself as I move forward -- just focusing on controlling what I can and taking the steps forward that are shown to me.

  • Just dropping by and blowing off positive steam-Hey Watergirl and Blmoon-hope you two are doing well and Watergirl I'll pray for you (is it your niece?) and her as well. And why not I'll pray for you too Blmoon and everyone here 🙂

  • Thanks guys for the reassuring responses. Although I still can't help feeling like he's avoiding me. 😕 I guess time will tell.

  • IMElizabeth,

    I have been going through the same thing with several friends and keep getting the same message. People just get caught up in their own lives - their own "stuff" - sometimes. One of the people I thought was avoiding me sent me a lovely and encouraging email this morning. Don't worry so much 🙂

    ASIA - Yes, it is my niece who is sick and thank you for your prayers. I do believe she is going to be fine though. I took her to my energy healer who confirmed that she needed a different doctor. She also let us know that she got the virus when she was a BABY - immunization shots. We never knew she had it because she was handling it so well through her natural way of being - healthy diet and lots of exercise. When she got pregnant, the human growth hormone made the virus grow as well - by leaps and bounds!. Her hormones are still out of whack and her acid levels are really high so we are working on resolving that and then getting her to a naturopath. She will live a long and happy life 🙂

  • Thats nice to hear 🙂 How old is she?

  • She's 29. Her little bambina will be 3 months old this Thursday.

  • Thats great to hear 🙂 "Bambina" you say lol.... Are you Italian?

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