Help me understand a Cancer man...

  • oops..type error again.."namely zodiac sign that is NOT..meant to be with them"...

  • Cancer Teen-

    You made me laugh a bit with your bluntness, I do not mind it at all and can appreciate it actually. I do not know if my Libra guy is compatible with me as you are right birth chart plays a huge role. What I do know is that he is very caring, patient, assuring and loving, aside from these things he is real no games or questioning things which is just what I needed After Mr Cancer guy.

    In the grand scheme of it all, I'm sure Mr. cancer guy was/is more compatible and always seen the potential, never have I felt that connected to someone but at the same time never have I questioned a relationship the way i have with him. i wish things would have been different in our relationship but again it takes two people. I know what I want and when I'm "in" I'm IN, no questions asked, I need a partner that is the same. Us Taurus aren't compatible with many signs, kind of sad in a way lol I dunno but I'm just going with it whether we are compatible or not I'm living in the moment, taking it as it comes, hoping for the best if anything at least now I am finally putting a stop to me and Mr Cancer. In the end though not to toot my own horn or anything lol but, he really did lose out because I cared a lot about him and only hope he finds someone who cares as much if not more than I did.

    Thanks again for the insight, I'm gonna go read up on Taurus/ Libra compatibility, wish me luck! 😉


  • Hi TaurusGirly..thank you for taking my comments in good light..all out of general care..good-luck in advance TaurusGirly..Live life in discovery to know what exactly is best for you..that's progress:)

    "Us Taureans aren't compatible with many signs"..

    HOW RIGHT YOU ARE TAURUS-GIRLY..YOU ARE DEFINATELY SPOT-ON ABOUT THAT..And trust me..that's the only reason why I am stuck on my own pursuit to a taurean woman's heart..because I know Cancer/Taurus=10/10..and having done a birth chart analysis btw myself & her confirmed to me the most idealistic situation I could imagine.. and no astrology's not perfect..not at all..but you can calculate probability of very awkward & unrealistic as that may sound.

    As a crave security, love, attention & to be handled with honest communication..

    That Cancerian initially was on the right page..but the spectrum of your perceived love for him earlier..on-making a family-love-expedition..made him tangle his own socks around..we're very cancerians ..and it often leads us to disaster because women want a CONFIDENT MAN. And let me explain something..I know you've moved on from him but I want you to reflect on the occurrences within that passed-time of love's hardship with him...he was actually ALL ON the beginning..why? cos he really did want you to be his lover..I mean..asking you to pick out his pool table, introducing you to his friends & know that's sheer-love from the purest HE PARTICULARLY WENT AT THAT PACE BECAUSE "CANCERIANS" ARE "INSECURE"...he wanted to get passed the natural shy-stage of love confessions to you which as Cancerians are all USUALLY shelled up in the beginning of doing.. so that (as he knew) after the "water-testing stages" HE COULD BE HONEST, COMMUNICATIVE & OPEN WITH YOU..that's why he was so cardinally enhanced then..with love of course in heart as well..see just like you Taureans - we strive on trust, feeling nurtured as well - and both need to do it - only that when either feels there's no sole-time-for-discovery of what they want..the other gets offended..sound familiar?? 🙂

    And you see because you happened to make him perceive a potential rejection..which wasn't really that..(but cancerians are afraid of rejection ''in any form'' - so by him being active in showing you pro-active-love was an attempt of building his confidence - so that he could freely be demonstratively honest with you..and as long as you went with the flow..his well of love would've filled up to the brim enough to share with you the views of every single drop that he felt half empty-half full cup..since that wasn't able to occur - lemme get back to that).. his confidence that was growing took a u-turn & began to make him question his worth within you (as worthy as you may've deemed him to be)..and that trip abroad with your choice not to attend it may've not cut deep..but the family members' thoughts on it may have repressed him to sulk on it...even if let's 'imagine' they did it jokingly (you know how sensitive a CANCER man is about his FAMILY - he's very susceptible on that - that invite was a BIG STEP in proving to you that he loved you)..and just for him to have STILL KEPT contact with you afterthat..was bravery.. if you consider his then "yanked"-self-esteem..

    Point being because the bold-love shown by him in the start didn't flow long enough for him to be solidified with his position in your heart..the fountain within him escalated & you can see the cause of started to question whether he is minute in..the next out..mind games,etc..but really that wasn't the case..

    You see..if you had per say went abroad with him..can you predict the change that that could've impacted on today's outcome? - you see that was a test "in a way" if you choose to see it like that - because that would've signified that although you don't know him 100% 're wiling to trust in his love's seeming faithfulness..that WOULD'VE HAD HIM MORE CONVINCED THAT THIS IS A SURE CATCH.. & done wonders for his self-confidence..he would've stayed with you after that occasion's attendance by yourself LOYALLY and CONSISTENTLY regardless what comes next..BECAUSE HE WOULD'VE INTERPRETED YOUR SECURITY SO HIGHLY-ACCLAIMED..i.e..that you felt that that was real love in faith too.. (and I repeat again so as not to make you look like scapegoat for my fellow Cancerian - IT IS NOT YOUR couldn't have smelt that water-boiling nor feverishly steaming colder..and even though cold..never tainted with each wave that - 'water-talk')

    Now I can't be a tarot on what coud've happened if things were differently encountered..that's presumptuous..and I choose to say you both would've grown into each other after yhat's the custom of taurus and cancer pairs..the traditional couple..that reinforces the fact that "when you leave a woman and a man together long enough..wonders occur"

    And yes.. now he's missing is true..and does he feel sorry about that..I'll tell you at least from the little I know that the thought of you with someone else could send unpleasant chills down his crabby-spine (lol)'s a shame..

    SORRY FOR THE REPETITIVE NOTIONS (lol). Move on gracefully - 🙂 - support.

  • And you know what..luckily Taurus is a more fixed (immovable, slower) earth (grounded) sign at the end of the day...because after all taureans are intelligent..and you'll realise what I time..:)

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