AstraAngel Please do a reading for me

  • Hi AstraAnge,

    I have been reading abou your forums and i am very impressed with your work. My boyfriend and i recently broke up and i would like to know if we would get back together.. my name is zilla and dob is aug 12,1973 and his dob is june 27 1979. please let me know if i am wasting my time waiting for him or should i just give up? we have been dating for 4 yrs.. and it really hurts..



  • Hi Brokenheart

    Sure thing, I'll do my best, I am still learning, so take it all with a grain of salt...

    Looking at your charts...

    1. His moon in Leo very near your Sun in Leo, so he excites you emotionally, when you two are with each other the feelings are strong. He jupiter near all that too which makes it all the more intense.

    2. Your moon/jupiter are very close together in Aquarius and close to opposite his moon, so there is some emotional flow back and forth between you, and sometimes its out of sync, like you feel up and he is not so much, and then it goes back the other way, so there is this see saw thing going on... my guess is that you have been feeling this back ad forth emotional thing for a while and it may have swung too far this last time and you broke up. Plus yourJupiter right on your moon makes that emotional aquarian transcendence all the more intense. SO the emotional currents are intense between you two. It usually works however it can swing too far and this is probably what happened.

    3. Your Uranus in Sagittarius is opposite his Mars in Gemini, so you act as an awakening energy over him, shining from afar. He has Uranus opposite his Venus in Gemini so this Gemini love of his is up and down and sometimes you just aren't sure about his love... this has been a challenge. That Uranus energy he deals with only accentuates his love fluctuations, leaving you puzzle at times.

    Your Venus is in Scorpio so you are very strong, determined and intense about love, and once you get in there, you don't let go. He is a Cancer and generally loved a nurtured, home life, sweet and simple. it;s his Venus/Mars combo in Gemini that causes him some issues. You as a Leo should be generally very empathetic and warm toward him. So its the see saw emotional life with him, your moons somewhat opposing, and the Venus love energy that he struggles with in Gemini, making him on and off in love that has been a challenge for you.

    I don't see any problems at all here, it is simply a matter of the both of you sitting down together and talking about this. Then, when the emotional intensities stir up or his feelings of love aren't clicking for him, you can be aware of that and not let it rock your world. You recently decided to let it rock your world though with the breakup.

    We'll look at some cards and see what the outcome is looking like.

    1. His feelings toward you right now - Three of Swords - heartbroken for sure, he really misses you.

    2. Your feelings toward him - Two of Coins - sees you standing on the shore line ready to make a move toward him at a moment's notice.

    3. What he wants to do about you right now - what are his desires in the relationship - Page of Cups - he really, really wants to reach out to you with a message of reconciliation.

    4. Where this is heading - Empress, it is heading back toward you, as the nurturing energy toward him. As a Cancer he would love to hear from you, even though he might not respond immediately...

    5. Page of Cups (again) he would love to hear from you. Do you have a friend you can go through to let him know you still care, and would love to see him again, and that you are sorry that things got a little heated? If you could get word to him that you still care a lot about him, I believe that would work miracles in this case.

    6. Three of Swords, he is really hurting.

    7. Seven of Wands, give some though to your options in terms of reaching back to him. A letter would be good.

    8, I asked does he really, really want to hear from you, and got the ten of coins which is very affirmative, So you should reach out to him...

    Bake him two large chocolate chip cookies and send those to him with a little note that says something like, here's to love... no matter how it comes out.

    That would really bless him.

    You hang in there, this will be healed.



  • Hi Astra,

    Thanks for the wonderful reading. It really helps me a lot to know where we stand. However i am still confused because he did not call me and I felt that he is the one who wronged me.. He told me that his mother was going to be admitted in the hospital and when i asked him which hospital, he was very hesitant to tell me and when i kept insisting on which hospital he still did not want to tell me and then i accused him of going to see another woman and keep telling me no it is not true, then i told him that i will call the hospital to see if she was really there and i did .. and guess what? she was not admitted.. so now .. is he cheating on me? and that is the reason he broke up with me and he told me not to call him and to leave him alone and he does not want to be with me... Now how do i deal with it? I have not called because he told me not too... I am still so heartbroken.... but i do not want to call him.... and was dating for 4 yrs and he has not given me his home tel phone no. he says it is due to family restrictions... and mind you .. this guy is in his 30's .... so confused... don't know what to do.. is there anyway you can tell if he has someone else?



  • Astra,

    A few more questions pls:

    1. Will I hear from him again?

    2. If so, when?

    3. Is there any hope for this relationship?

    4. Does he have someone else?

    5. What should I do now?

  • Brokenheart2011

    You asked

    "Now how do i deal with it?"

    Page of Cups, stay sweet and stay willing to communicate with him. Forgive him of whatever happened that you thought he was being untrue about, give him the benefit of the doubt, pray for him, wish him positive blessings and love and high vast and beautiful dreams.

    is there anyway you can tell if he has someone else? Ten of Swords, absolutely not.

    ANd then your numbered questions:

    1. Will I hear from him again? Queen of Coins says yes.

    2. If so, when? Four of Cups... 4 days to 4 weeks. Ace of Swords, more like 4 days.

    3. Is there any hope for this relationship?

    Eight of Coins. Absolutely! May take a little work, it looks lovely to me!

    4. Does he have someone else? No, we already answered that.

    5. What should I do now? Queen of Cups. Go to wal-mart to the cosmetics aisle, and see what Revlon makes in put on the happiest, brightest, sweetest, kindest, most forgiving, compassionate, tender, understanding, empathetic eye shadow they make...

    and see something lovely happening in spite of recent experience.



  • Thank you AstraAgel,

    Thanks for the positive reading..Thanks for replying to me. I am feeling really happy about your insights 🙂 and I really want to call him, but I afraid of being rejected... he has hurt my feelings so many times in the past and i am so afraid to get back into the same roller coaster ... All of my friends and family says that i should stay away from this guy, only for the fact that he does not want me to call him when he goes home(thinking he has something to hide) and that is exactly what i feel also.. only he can call me on the weekends, I am not allowed to call. .. he tells me only when i can call him... I know that i love him because he treats me well other that those factors..everything else is wonderful... I don't want to call him and then treats me horribly.. should i still call him?


  • Hi Astra,

    i Would also like to know that if he is so heartbroken about, why didn't he make the attempt to call me? should i call or should i wait for him to call?

  • Hi Astra

    Sorry that i bother you so much but pls let me know what i should do.

  • Hey bh2011

    Okay, let's see.

    Two of Coins - Travel. I am getting this card this morning a lot.

    Knight of Cups - This is him, your bf. He is wanting to talk to you.

    Two of Wand - Choice, action, a decision in dreams. He is wanting you to know that he wants you. King of Wands, deeply.

    Eight of Cups - In spite of what has happened, he loves you and doesn't like to see you and him apart.

    Two of Cups - he sees you together.

    Eight of Cups - he is very sad that there is this break between you.

    King of Coins. He is stuck. He can't make a move to you right now.

    High Priestess - He wants you to love him now. In the air around you, He is your soul mate, your angel.

    The Lovers - you are lovers.

    Seven of Wands - no matter what. You and he are together, no matter how life turns out.

    The Hanged Man - even when he is unavailable.

    Eight of Coins - He says to tell you, nice times ahead for the two of you.

    Six of Wands - very nice.

    Three of Swords - "Please don't let the frustrations and outcomes in our relationship come between us", he says.

    Temperance - "Don't over react".

    Page of Wands - "I will be in touch" he says.

    Page of Coins - "I will get a message to you, to let you know how much you mean to me."

    Ace of Pentacles - "You mean the world to me"

    Queen of Wands - "You are a queen to me. In spite of how you act sometimes. ha ha"

    Knight of Coins = "Let me chase you, I am chasing you. it's fun for me!"

    Page of Coins (again) - "Don't worry I will be in communication with you, a letter."

    The Magician - "I am working magic for you."

    The Queen of Coins - "I am working to bring us together, hang in there."

    Page of Coins (yet again) - he is really stressing the message that he will be in touch.

    Dear Soul Mate angel of brokenheart2011, what should she do?

    Two of Cups, "Tell her to keep the faith."

    brokenheart2011, he wants you to keep the faith.

    Anything else soul mate of nbrokenheart2011?

    Page of Wands - "Remind her that I WILL be in touch, and that she should wait."

    brokenheart2011, he wants you to know that he WILL be in touch, and that you should wait.

    Ace of Swords and Page of Coins. He will be in touch, and that you should relax.

    Ace of Cups.

    It's ALL GOOD brokenheart2011. He is your soul mate and is handing everything. Relax, you two are going to be in heavenly bliss soon.

    love, astra

  • Thanks so much AstraAngel 🙂 You have calmed my mind so much, I am really happy with the good news... thanks for taking the time to read my cards and let me know what is going on.. i have been living in stress lately... i miss him a lot.. thanks a million.


  • Hi Astra,

    How are you? Thanks again for your insights... i really appreciate you taking the time to read my cards... Can you please tell me what is going on ... i contacted him to say hi, and he refused to talk to me and says that he does not want to be with me again... i tried.. i thought it would be different.. now i am really confused.. pls help me to understand what is going on.


  • Hi Astra,

    Pls pls pls help me to understand what is going on ... I feel so lost right now and scared and confused.. I want him back so badly. I am asking for too much?


  • Hi Astra,

    Sorry to bother you but i feel so lost, please help me...

    How are you? Thanks again for your insights... i really appreciate you taking the time to read my cards... Can you please tell me what is going on ... i contacted him to say hi, and he refused to talk to me and says that he does not want to be with me again... i tried.. i thought it would be different.. now i am really confused.. pls help me to understand what is going on with him... i am so lost and confused.. it really hurts..


  • Hey brokenheart, sri to keep you waiting, hang in there. Today has been busy for me, I'll circle back on this and share with you... everything will work out for you I promise. Don't despair... the fact that you feel what you are feeling is a sign that heaven and all the angels are working on your behalf.

    love and peace,


  • Thanks, thanks, thanks so so so much... I really appreciate it.. 🙂

  • Hi Zilla,

    Okay, thanks for being patient, let's take a look at your situation and see what is going on. I will try and rephrase your concerns in a numbered list to keep things straight.

    1. Can you please tell me what is going on - i contacted him to say hi, and he refused to talk to me and says that he does not want to be with me again... i tried.. i thought it would be different.. now i am really confused.. pls help me to understand what is going on?

    Well, I have the Queen of Wands which looks like you.


    The Ten of Wands which feel like you. So what is going on is you are really burdened with a lot of angst and concern, this is happening in the wand land of spirit and creativity. Your "contacting him" looks to be part of all of this wand energy. Actions and choices.

    The Six of Cups shows up and this is lovely card of love, connection across time, space and even ages. A card of the past and the future in love.

    And the Two of Cups. Wow, this is 'the' card of a new relationship and young love and all of the nice things about two people being together in a sweet innocent way.

    I have to tell you that all of this points to your connection with him being very sweet and a bright future.

    And the Magician. which is a card of transmuting, converting potentials into reality. I tell you what, do not give up on this situation. These are all nice cards (after that ten of wands anyway) that spell HOPE to me. Heaven would not be showing us these cards were it not possible to see transformation in the relationship. I am going to review your charts again and try to come up with a talisman to help match your energies up better. Nothing to lose right? I am trying this with Pivoine, so it could be a way to help strengthen the connections with you and him, while neutralizing the problem spots. Anyway, it is something I m working on, so hang in there and we will do this together, okay?

    I keep seeing nice cups with you and him, and saw that he was your soul mate at one point, so this is still showing up. This could all be happening for a reason, so keep the faith and I will get back to you with a talisman or at least some more guidance.

    For now, DO NOT WORRY about him okay. Assuming you two do share that soul mate connection, it will not matter that he said "he doesn't want to talk to you". There could be a spirit reason that needs to be said right now, and yet the ultimate outcome will still be beautiful. At least that is the approach I think you should try and take for now.

    So stay calm... hug yourself, breath deep all that good stuff. Pray the Lord's prayer over and over, that helps me. You can't go wrong praying "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done in this relationship - and in my life in general." Heaven hears those prayers and it helps.

    You take it easy Zilla and I will be looking for you here should you have any questions. I wlill get back to you with more.

    Love and light,


  • Hi Astra,

    You have been so kind in listening to my problems.. i really appreciate it.. thanks again a million for doing this for me ... just to ask pls.. what is a talisman? and you said about pivoine what or who is that exactly... Thanks again and i really like it when you say.. "we will do this together" 🙂



  • Okay brokenheart2011

    A talisman is a magical item that is endowed with certain "properties" that provides a beneficial outcome to the recipient. I believe the real magic is in the "connection" that you and I share, centered in our faith in Heaven above, and empowered by the angels and by your love for your boyfriend.

    I started this with Pivoine on this thread:

    Basically, here is my working approach on this, and you can decide whether it is something you want to use in your love life.

    When we look at connections between two people who desire a relationship the first thing I look at are the Venus and Mars placements on your shared charts. Anytime you see connections between these bodies that are beneficial, love seems to be an easy result.

    Now, every person has two love "points of contact" on them, a female receiver, and a male sender. Even a guy has a female part of him, and a girl has a male part to her. We are all constantly sending and receiving on these parts of ourselves. This is the meaning of the "World card", which is the expression of Universal Positive Energie's love and how there is a male and female part to each of us. The hermaphrodite. Which we all are in energies, spiritually.

    Now, all we have to do to create a powerful "love potion #9" is to harmonize the locations of your Mars and Venus nodes with his. Since you are the one asking for love with him, you are the one who now take on the magical work required to effect a "cure" using this talisman. We want to do two things:

    1. Relocate your Mars and Venus from their current location, to coincide with his.

    2. Neutralize your current Mars and Venus positions so that those energies are contained and aren't transmitting and receiving as well. In your case, you only need one love receiving and sending! With his.

    However, we also want to note where your new Mars and Venus are going to be located (in this case, in his Gemini) and make sure that doesn't create any troubling energies with your other bodies. I didn't see anything, the only thing I noticed was that your new Mars in Gemini will be enhanced by his Neptune in Sag, and your new Venus in Gemini will be also accentuated by your Neptune, also in Sag. So it is cool how that worked out, that now Neptune in both of your charts is adding a dreamy energy to these new male+female join between you. Should be very, very s e x y and exquisite and ...heavenly!

    Now, we can create the talisman by my drawing a little magic graphic showing two mars and two venus. The top row shows a new Venus being added over your current Mars in Taurus at 0 deg, 4 min, 24 seconds. And a new Mars being placed over your current Venus in Virgo at 22-30-53.

    The lower row is where you now join with him, by adding a new Mars male sender directly over his female Venus receiver, at 19-31-9 in Gemini. Also, we add a new Venus from you placed directly over his male sender at 1-13-13 in Gemini.

    Now, the fireworks should start ha ha.

    So, what do you do now? Print this talisman out and keep one where ever you can see it. Keep one on your person, in your purse, stick one of the fridge, and one in your bathroom, and one beside your bed, so the last thing you see is this as you fall asleep. Put one at your workplace! When you see them, offer thanks, smile and see the two of you 'together' in a nice way.

    Now, I am going to do the same on this end. I will print this out and I am also going to be putting these where I can see them, and when I see it I will think of you and your Cancer BF joining in this new way, his male in your female, and your male in his female.

    So, our combined faith around this talisman is what will activate it, and make this extremely, and I mean extremely, powerful magic. I have faith for this Brokenheart. I have been chasing spirit down for a very long time, and my deepest longing now is to see our relationships all healed so that we are loving life and in bliss. That is what we are all supposed to be having, not pain and heartbreak. We are each supposed to be joined with another, in a very lovely, intimate and sweet way, deeply in love, and I believe this little talisman is part of that solution. I am crossing my fingers anyway!

    So, let me know what you think. This is a beautiful effort of spirit to bring love and happiness into your life, and I hope one day mine as well. However right now my focus is on helping you and others on this forum and we will now wait and see how this works. I am excited! This also taps into my love of drawing and graphics as I was in graphic design for about 30 years!

    I also have a little scripture on there from John 13:34, "love one another" and when the bible says love it is love that is real and passionate and deeply connected with another. Giving thanks also helps, "thank you Heaven, angels, God, Goddess, Moon Maiden, Jesus... I thank everything, and everyone, pixies, fairies, gnomes, trolls, geenies, unicorns, mermaids, I even thank tress and butterflies too that TRUE LOVE is in my life and I have bliss in love with another, somewhere, somehow! That thanksgiving will accelerate the magical process!

    Let me know about any questions you may have... be certain that he is who you want to join with, and once we both release our faith in this, I believe everything will very sweetly resolve for you two and you will be joined back together with him, and it will be even nicer than it was before. It should be heaven on earth.

    Once I hear back from you that you want to do this I will print it out and begin to use it too on your behalf. I am determined to see someone on this forum succeed in their love life and post a celebration message that says you don't need another tarot reading because you are too busy in the bedroom!

    Love and light 🙂


  • The upload didn't take, let me try again. This one is 394x500 px.

  • Astra Angel,

    This is amazing stuff!!!

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