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  • AstraAngel,

    Could you help with this dream? My dream begins with me and my friend, my brother and his wife, a friend (remote relative it seems) and his wife gathered together in an event. We were all waiting for something and chatting. I felt this relative prying for information and made me uncomfortable. I suspected he wanted to harm someone and he seems to be targeting my friend. So, I threw in questions his way to tune into his psyche. Yes, I felt he is a killer and planning to do something that night. My friend must have felt it, too. The short version is that my friend slowly withdrew signaling me to do the same. But I couldn't leave my brother and wife with the killer. The killer figured out that I figured him out and sent messages of not making waves or I will be the target. My friend disappeared. Now my brother became the target. I made eye contact with y brother enough to make him uncomfortable and started moving in my direction. The killer gets agitated. Just then another couple who are old friends showed up. We had the chance to run and we did. But I was worried about the friends who just arrived. We all found each other away from the seen including that last friend, i.e. the wife, but not the husband. It seems he was killed. We were all worried and upset and called the police. End of dream. What is the message of this dream? Your dream interpretations are really great. thanks.

  • Wow Tellstar that is rather intense...

    I can't even begin to keep track of all of the motion here, and this killer relative... that is bizarre.

    The killing thing jumps out at me, that seems to be the key point in the dream, that is an important symbol.... killing (death) is a symbol of transformation, so this dream is trying to tell you something in the strongest way about your own personal transformation... a death of something in your past that is finally, forever, completely over. At least it it is trying to happen.

    The killer relative doesn't succeed. The husband was killed.

    So there is something you need to leave behind as a concept and it appears to be connected with husband.

    Your friend escapes though, so he is impervious to whatever this transformation thing is. It only affects husbands.

    The wife but not the husband is what you said there toward the end...

    Your friend is going to be leaving his wife and hooking up with you. He is running from this "husband killer" however eventually he will be found. This relative will not stop. Your friend is a marked man.

    Start planning on your living arrangements with him, he will be leaving her soon and will be living with you. WHere do you want to live and love? Your place? A new home? Start figuring that out.

    Thats all I get.

    Funny, I had a dream last night too that was vivid. I was at this airport (locally) a day ahead of time! I didn't even have tickets however I knew I would be flying out the next day. There were actually 2 airports I was interested in while there... one was a military airport, and when i started asking around about info on the military airport, thats when all of these military guys show up and start going through my things, books and journals, reading my writings..... looking ... they were friendly though, ...they mentioned a radio transmission I was supposed to listen to, and hadn't... at a motel I stayed at recently. They asked me the signal strength of the station and I said S1 - S5 which is signal strength nomenclature.


  • AstraAngel,

    Thank you very much for the reading. Intense it is indeed. But so is your dream. Looks like you're facing or about to face a transformation yourself. You are well prepared for it. The airport is a gateway and you have two options. As you said in my dream interpretation, twos are about balance and relationship. Would it apply here? You chose the highest order and are being tested by the highest authorities nicely resulting positively for you and you have their accolades.

    How does that sound?

  • that sounds good TellStar, thank you so much

    You have such a nice spiritual way of approaching my dream very nice - I took the lover's leap road with yours and was simply trying to get you two hooked up at any cost ha ha

    I do find in your dream that the "killer" is symbolic of something in your life that you are finally shedding off, no longer needed, I so feel that perhaps (as opposed to me earlier post) that your connection with your friend transcends the material definitions of relationship, that you do share a connection that is quite intimate and very close, twin flames.

    And so the "labels" we place on each other, husband, wife and so forth are discarded (the killer in your dream) so that a more rarified understanding of your connection is allowed to ascend about these labels.

    In my own life, I have found whenever I think of my highest relationship ideal (with my twin flame) as this higher dimension relationship and that she is always with me - like an angel - that I am so at peace and all goes sweetly in my life.

    On the contrary, when I try to extract some material meaning with her, or begin to look at what is missing (physical) with her instead of what I truly have with her (Spirit) then I become very sad and despondent and my day does NOT go well ... which i have been dealing with today.

    So maybe part of my dream connects to yours? Having to do with letting go of these labels that we hold on to, which chain us to material reality and block ascension, which is quite painful for us now at this stage.

    How does that sound?

    love and light


  • AstraAngel,

    Very well put about your friend. I seem the same thing with my relationship, if you could call it that. I remember his last sweet words. He used to send verses and i remember them all. I feel he's just around. Somehow, I think he's really thinking about me. The dreams occurring lately are messages, as you said. But what to do other than wait. That is sad. I understand your sadness.

    Take care and thank you.

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