Which Kind Of Lamps For My Wealth Gua?

  • Hello. I need to buy some lamps for my wealth gua, the south east corner of my home. I know that there are some materials that are not good for this gua, so I thought I'd check here as well.

    I have plenty of wooden things in this area. Although it is dead wood like furniture etc. I also have living plants there. Some say that dead wood is not considered wood in Feng Shui but others do however. If my furniture is considered wood as well, then perhaps I have an overload of wood in that area. I really love wood. I am not going to buy a wooden lamp, but I need to find some lamps for my wall, a pair, that is considered good Feng Shui in the wealth corner. Could anyone help me, please? Which materials can go in the wealth corner? For instance - would metal lamps be okay?

    Thanks very much.

  • Could someone help me, please? 🙂

  • Water supports wood. All that wood needs support. Maybe a lamp that has the color (Blues and Black), or a rounded shape? How is it working for you right now though?

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  • Metal cuts woods so something like water or like a cystal lamp. Lamps that look rich, wealthy, regal. It's not dead wood so go with what you think....is that wood in your area died or alive? There are many opinions on Feng Shui but alot of it how you feel about it.

  • Thanks, both of you, for your help. I am still looking for the perfect wall lamps, but meanwhile I have bought a black vase and a blue polstery for my couch to support all of the (dead) wood. I needed a black vase anyway as a wealth vase, so it worked out that way. Thanks again!

  • I am in alot of peoples homes. Most are doing very well financially and have crystal lamps throughout heir homes. maybe they are onto something. Could also be that they are very well educated and have alot of class. Therefore are able to afford some of the more expensive decor for their homes.

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