AstraAngel can you do a reading

  • Good evening AstraAngel

    I was wondering if you could do a reading for me. I would like to see what you come up with about this guy I like there is two. The first one his dob is 04-13-1954 and the second one his dob is

    March 14 I forgot the year. And my dob is July 12 1961 what do you see with them

    Thanks Illona

  • Definitely guy #2

    Drew three cards to see how you match

    Guy 1 - Three of Pents

    Guy 2 - Justice

    You - The Hermit

    So, guy 1 is more work, and you and guy 2 are both major arcana so that is the connection and where you should go...

    and then I drew another card for confirmation and pulled the Temperance card, so 3 major arcana out of 4 and the connections are all around you and guy 2

    Hope that helps!

    Blessings Illona!


  • Thanks so much

    That is so funny because the guy number is just a friend but I have always felt that there is something but I don't think it will happen because he is now playing in the band with the first guy and we all go way back since i was 17. But that is awesome to know

    Thanks Illona

  • Funny, reading your reply and drew the Justice card again...

    You want to get something going with Guy 2? I can work that out for you.

    The question is, Are you READY for something to happen with him?

  • Ok what can you do to help me, but it is guy number one that I want something with. I am a water sign but I am more like a fire sign. Believe me i can handle that fire sign. But tell me what you think you can do. Yes I am ready for them both. I am laughing I am a firecracker believe me I just have been very quiet waiting for the right time.


  • Hey Ms. AstraAngel

    You have me all fired up now. So what can we do so I can get number 1 that is the one. I can't believe that it is coming out about him we are just really good friends. Number one we have been lovers and are still friends. They play in the same band.


  • 1. OK, so you want something with guy #1?

    2. And you were lovers at one time with Guy#1 and want to get re-connected with him?

    We can work on that, I need you to make sure you know what you want.

    Now, you must understand that you and I are going to enter into a relationship at this point, is that clear to establish trust. Because you will have to trust me, and you will have to follow instructions, to the letter.

    As long as you are willing to do that, Heaven can get guy #1 for you.

    3. Are you ready to trust me?

    4. Are you sure you want him?

    5. Are you willing to follow instructions?

    6. We both have better things to do than "play around" with love. You have to be serious. You sound serious. Are you serious about this?

    7. Are you willing to do what it takes to land Guy #1?

    Your first instruction to see whether you are serious is to go through these questions and give me a YES or a NO to each question.

    love, and love

    Mr. Astra

  • Good Evening AstraAngel

    Ok I am very serious about getting number 1

    1. Yes I do really want to get number 1

    2.Yes we were and now we talk and we want to do something but it is like something is stopping us.

    3.Yes I do trust you.

    4.Yes and Yes I really want him.

    5. Yes I am willing to do what ever I need to do.

    6.Yes we do have better things to do. ANd I am very SERIOUS about him.

    7.Yes I am willing to have my baby back in my life.


  • OK!

    Now we can start cooking!

    yay! This will be fun for you too!

    1. So, tell me about this "something is stopping us"... talk to me about that.

    2. And also give me a little of your history, where you've been with each other and what happened in the past?

    3. And, what do you want with him? Friends with benefits? Marriage? Share with me exactly what you would like to see happen with him as best you can. You are looking for commitment? Talk to me about your dream with him.

  • Good evening AstraAngel

    Well when I say there is something stopping us. We talk about us getting together and then we don't talk to each other for a while and then we will email or then we will talk on the phone. And then we will say something about me coming to see him and then nothing. That is why I say that. Well we started messing around when I was 17 and he was 24 he plays in a band. And I was something very special to him. And then I came to California and then we still was messing around but he was involved with his wife. They are not married and have not been together for about 10 years. I kind of just left and did not tell anybody I was leaving but I always kept in touch. I still talked to somebody in the band so he knew I was always thinking about him.

    And then I just out of the blue called him about three years ago. And then we just started talking like it was yesterday. I would love to get married but if not we can be together again. I would love to live with him. I would like to have him in my kids life he would be a very good role model for my boys. I want us to live together. Illona

  • Oh yes I know that we still have that fire about the sex because when we talk that is all he talks about and he still remembers my big boobs. But I want that back no man as made me feel like him. You know I still remember how he made me feel and all the men I have had none like him.


  • Okay, all of that is good info, thanks.

    Please pass along your birthdates, do you know his?

    And you are now what - divorced? Living with anyone? You have kids? ages?

    And his situation - divorce? is he now with anyone that you are aware of? kids?

  • Good AstraAngel

    My dob is July 12 1961, Stevies dob is April 12 1954

    I have never been married and I live with my two sons. My kids ages are 9 and 15

    Stevie is divorce and does not live with anyone. He has kids but they are grow and live on there own. I know he has two daughters Nikki and Taylor. Taylor lives in Los Angeles and Nikki lives in Atlanta. He is very close with his daughters. And here is something that may help

  • AstraAngel

    I will try again. But if this does not work then I guess I will have to copy and paste it for

    you or you can try lustylavendar69 that is something on yah--. Then I can send it that way

    more better. But I am going to try again now.

  • That is enough... the forum here doesn't want us posting emails and such to protect us. So no worries. I'll look at your charts later - astro seems to be down right now so I can't look at the charts. That will tell us a lot. I really need to see that first before we can develop a strategy.

  • GOod Afternoon AstraAngel

    Ok I was wrong for doing that. I won't no more. Ok then do your thing.

    Talk to you later


  • Hey BLD,

    I am curious what the 'diver' in your name signifies? Diving, like Scuba diving?

    Anyway, I have looked at your charts and I see some cool things, that should lead to something with him

    1. You have your Sun and Moon almost perfectly in conj in Cancer.

    Stevie has uranus in that same spot - so that explains why you are so intensely attracted to him - Uranus, the awakener makes you feel more like you. He brings a lot of positive, uplifting energy to you when you are around him! This tells me you are very intense emotionally about YOU and your life and anyone who stirs that up (which he does) causes instant magnetic attraction.

    2. His Moon and Pluto is in Leo and YOU have your Uranus very close to that. So he feels stirred up emotionally when he is around you. You cause him to feel deeply and more intensely. As a musician he draws on that. He even plays better when you are around!

    3. Now we start to see where some of the issues blocking you two are. His Sun is Square with your moon/Sun combo so that is probably a big reason for the 'block' between you two. I think he is stirring you up, however all is getting from you is some emotional boost in Leo. Plus he is already having issues there with his Uranus. He is looking for relief from that and you can't provide it because you are who you are - Sun/Moon in Cancer.

    So I think there tends to be more flow of energy going from him to you, and that causes him to pull back.

    4. Your Venus in Gemini is square with your Mars in Scorpio, so you have some challenges expressing love sometimes, that Scorpio Mars wants to interfere causes you to be a little too strong in that way you come across in love.

    He has his Jupiter near that position so I think he is fanning that flame a little too, which adds up to, you tend to come on to him really strong and kinda lose control around him. He is an Aries though and needs a nice calm energy to balance him out and normally a Cancer could do that.

    5. He has Saturn in Scorpio opposing his Venus, this presents some restrictive opposing energy to how he is able to show love. Saturn is holding him back in that area, and could result in some broken ability to flow naturally in love. You have Neptune in Scorpio which is a potent position and that is helping him nuetralize his Saturn Scorp intensity. This shows promise for you, I think this could be a key to seeing something happen with him again.

    6. Your North node (life path) is trying to take you to Leo, so you feel that you need to be more Leo like in your personality, that is where you are trying to go. More outgoing, confident, ambitious, and get out of the house from your chocolate chip cookie baking once in a while.

    His North node life path is in Capricorn, so he really feels the need to succeed and attain his goals in life. He is also square with his sun there, so that explains why he has had some challenges succeeding in the way he feels he is truly capable of.

    YOUR Sun/Moon is opposite his North Node though, and is offering some real assistance from afar there! So he is picking up on some helpful energy from you as regards his life path. This is a indication of potential in the relationship. However your Saturn is also near that placement in Cap, so that tends to create some restrictive energy... not a big deal though. North node paths are potentials and always work themselves out over time.

    Okay, that is an overview. The one challenge I see explaining the block with you two is that square you have going > Your Cancer Sun/Moon square with his Aries Sun. You need to focus hard on providing some Capricorn energy opposite your Sun, which will also help him in his life path.

    Caps are all about success and achievement, earthy and materially focused, So I am already getting some signs that by communicating with him something earthy that pertains to his desire to succeed would go a long way toward endearing him to you and get things moving again. Go to a gift shop or a musicans store and look for something fun related to music and send that to him once in a while. A little bobble head guitar player, a tee shirt about music, have one made up that says

    "Practice makes perfect, and nobody’s perfect, so why practice?"

    Plus, Stir up that Neptune dream thing you have in Scorpio, communicate with him about his dreams, send him a book about dreams, that would be nice. Anything water related from you would be nice. Talk about water and waterfalls and the ocean. Green and blue are colors to emphasize - write him on aqua color stationery.

    He also needs help balancing his own Moon/Leo square with his Sun/Aries - you could help there by moving your Jupiter in Aquarius a little closer to opposite his Moon. You can do this by developing your own Aquarian dreams and imaginative thinking.

    What this is coming down to is you conveying material somethings to him (little gifts) that speaks to him spiritually that you understand him. He may not grasp it intellectually, but in the spirit he'll pick up on it and say to himself... wow something nice is changing with BLackLadyDiver, I want to get with her more! When you take the time to understand the one you love, and reach out to them in ways that say "I get you", then you fan the flames of love and open doors that were shut in the past.

    So there are some ideas sprinkled thru that... read this over a few times and use your Jupiter Aquarian energy to come up with some fun little gifts to send him. A funny tee shirt would be cool. That bobble head. Get him material and connect around material objects that say you get him.

    Page of Cups - we're on the right track here, let me know what you think.



  • Hello Astra

    Thanks so much. I read what you said and I have to go now because I have to take my son to the dentist but when I get back I will tell you some things.


  • Good evening Astra

    First let me say thank you so much. That was so awesome of you. I have a couple of questions.

    My first question is when you got the "three of pentacles" would you have said that was a good card to get. In a love spread wouldn't that mean it was a good omen because I already knew the person that I was interested in. I could be wrong, I am not sure what you did to get that but I was just asking I always have a question or too. So I was just wondering why you said that guy number two was better. Because we are both water signs, I am more of a fire sign, I am not like a cancer, I do have a lot of cancer traits but there is a lot of fire in me.

    Now how I got the name "BLackdiverlady" my ex is a diver and we were making names for a email and he said why don't you use blackdiverlady and I have. And Stevie gave me "Lusty and now I have the email name Lustylavendar69. Just names I got from the men in my life. So I was reading what you said and Number 1 and 2 are so cool and true about us. Now number 3 is a little confusing to me. Where you said " he is stirring you up, however all is getting from you is some emotional boost in Leo. So what can I do to help that. So you said he needs relief from that and I can't provide it because I am that cancer moon child. So when you say that there is mor energy going from him to me, and that causes him to pull back. What kind of energy and what can I do to change that. So I am a little to strong the way I come across with the way I feel about him. Should I not tell him how I feel. Like on valentines day he was in St. Louis and I send him a cute little basket with goodies to eat and he loved it but I did not put my name on it. I wait till I talk to him and told him it was me. I do lose control when I am around him or talk to him. You are so right about him and success. But what I don't understand is the "need to focus hard on providing some capricorn energy opposite your sun, which will also help him in his life path." How do I do that can you give me some ideas. And I was thinking about making him a basket of something with a bunch of things in there was going to be music things and some of the things that him and I like to talk about. I love the water and I will find some things for him that are water things. Thanks so much BLD

  • Good after noon Astra

    How are you. You know you will think I am losing my mind. I told you that stevies dob is april 12 1954 but his dob is april 13 1954 does that make a big differences. I am so sorry. Just was asking. I left you some feed back and I think we are on the right track.


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