AstraAngel, please help interpret a 7-card Spread??

  • Would you be able to give your insight/interpretation into the following 7-card Relationship Potential spread?

    1. 'Situation' position = Two (2) of Coins

    2. 'Self' position = Nine (9) of Wands

    3. 'Significant Other' position = Seven (7) of Coins

    4. 'Advice' position = King of Swords

    5. 'Challenges/Opportunities' position = King of Cups

    6. 'Next Steps' position = Queen of Swords

    7. 'Potential' position = Three (3) of Coins

    Appreciate your insight! Light and Love surround you,


  • Hi TheTransformed

    Sure thing, I will try and see what this looks like...

    Present - a material decision, you are at some sort of cross roads economically, options there and you are trying to decide.

    Self - Nine of Wands, recent life situations have left you drained and yet you are standing your ground.

    Sig Other - Seven of Coins, this person is weighing out with you what you are facing as a decision in the present position (two coins). 2 + 7 = 9 wands so whatever S.). is doing in trying to help make this decision is adding to the 9 wand place of feeling wounded while waiting and watching. Advice is coming from this person.

    Advice - King of Swords - time to cease from listening any more to the advice from S.O... turn to your own heart, toward Heaven and God for inspiration and leading, time to go quiet and dark within so that the light may shine all the brighter illuminating the part you play.

    Challenges/Opportunities - King of Cups says that your emotions are involved in this matter too (another King and is similar advice) to go within, and not let whatever the external pressures are trying to 'convince' you to do, to deter you from spirit. Are they asking for more love, more affection, more attention? This is a difficult time for you to be serving two masters. Time to focus on YOU and your material life and make the quality choices you are now called to make.

    Next Steps - Queen of Swords - Buy some ear plugs.

    Potential - You successfully navigate this course and choose perfectly, and are well on your way toward the material abundance you so richly deserve.

    I hope that gave you something to consider!

    Thank you for your request and I am wishing you wisdom and strength in this present course you are on. All will work out wonderfully for you!



    P.S. Ear plug photo courtesy of morgue file website and the photographer, Gracey Stinson

  • Wow!! I a speechless AstraAngel!

    A little scary, but even so, Thank you so much!

    Light and love,


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