Astraangel - Am I wasting my time?

  • Been dating a guy for 2 weeks now. His birthday is June 13th 1980. Things have been going wonderful, but he seemed to of backed off a little bit the last couple days. Im trying not to drive myself crazy over analyzing this, but would appreciate a reading to see if there is potentional here, as I really have fallen for him

    My bd is nov 4 1984.


  • Hey Miss Ashley... you can skip all the way to the bottom of this post (bottom kept coming up in the reading) and see the final answer... or you can wade through the entire dialogue with you and see how we arrived at that

    Seven of Swords

    ugh, not good

    keep going

    Queen of Swords

    ugh, swords coming up here, is this you?

    cards back, shuffling...

    card off the bottom, looks nice

    your bottom is nice


    card off the bottom again, Temperance. Ugh... keep going...

    Another card off the bottom, the Hanged Man (upside down)

    so now he's the levitating man

    makes no sense.... cards back, shuffling some more...

    that three of cups was nice though...

    okay card off the TOP now... let's look at your top...

    Six of Cups... nice... nice...

    your top is nice...

    another card, from the middle...

    you can cut...

    Page of Cups... very nice

    So your middle is nice.

    What is wrong with this guy? You are lovely, top, bottom, middle... what is he, blind?

    all cards back in, shuffling...

    another off your bottom...

    The fool.

    You serious about this guy? LIke, long term serious? That is where this is going you keep hanging with him.

    another card from your middle...

    Queen of Swords again...

    Is that you? You didn't answer me.


    Who is it then?

    Eight of Wands - oh that is you. Whats with the Tower? You are in fear the relationship is going to collapse. Why? You are gorgeous, and you have a sharp mind Miss Ashley... the Swords...

    I do think you are over-analyzing.

    all cards back, reshuffling...

    uh oh, seven cards fell off the bottom of the deck, led by the

    four of swords... then

    four cups

    queen cups

    five swords

    seven swords

    the empress

    queen of wands

    what do those cards tell us? I don't have a clue

    all cards back in the deck... reshuffling...

    cut the deck please... thank you

    off the top

    the King of Cups

    that is him

    what else?

    he goes back... reshuffling all cards...

    card comes off the top into my hand... what is it?

    oh its two cards, the Empress and the Queen of Wands

    are these you, i believe these represent you in this relationship, is that correct?

    next card from the top...

    Ten of Cups - YES!

    So, he is the King of Cups, and you are the Empress and the Queen of Wands

    Choose one or the other toward him...

    let's say you are more the Empress, how does that go with him?

    all cards back, reshuffling...

    cut please, Miss Ashley?

    wow, a card flipped over while you were cutting the deck...

    the Queen of Pentacles ... is this you also?

    next card from the top

    ten of wands - no.. then who is this?

    Next card, the Ace of Wands....

    Where are you going with this? You lost me...

    okay call cards back... reshuffled everything ...

    Okay, Miss Ashley, would you cut the deck... please?

    Thank you... card...

    Six of Pentacles. Ugh. A pentacle. What possible bearing does this have on the reading. We are trying to find out the potential of this relationship. What does this tell us?

    Next card from the top...

    Page of Wands. OKay, now I am totally confused. What, he is the Page? I thought he was the King of Cups? He wants to be the page?

    Next card the four of pentacles, he is wanting something material, what is that?

    next card from the top

    Nine of Swords. ARGHHHHH! Now back to the swords.

    Okay Miss Ashley, you have totally, completely confused me here. What does all this mean... all these cards?

    I am getting nothing about you and him and the potential for this relationship other than he is the King of Cups, and you are the The Empress and the Queen of Wands. That is the only thing that stuck out for me. What does that tell us?

    The Three of Swords.

    We started with the Seven of Swords and I thought, there is no potential here. And I couldn't bear to tell you that news... so I kept flipping cards, hoping to spin it into something positive...

    didn't work.

    It's over. Move on.


    No, wait a minute. You and he are between the swords. He as the King of Cups and you as the Empress and the Queen of Wands.

    What is the message here?

    Card from the middle - the Ace of Pentacle.

    A beginning in material, something with a material start with him?

    all cards back shuffling.... I am not stopping until we get to the bottom of this...

    A card from the middle - the Hierophant - Ugh. Words, a teacher, a preacher, a guy whole reads the bible his whole life and it goes nowhere

    And the Eight of Wands


    You are he are getting ready to tie the knot and then its off and running

    why not? I mean, thats what you want, right?

    You have my blessings...



    P.S. here's a snapshot I took for you last night, in the snow...

  • i am so confused haha. Were getting ready to tie the knot?!

  • Don't be confused.... you said you had 'fallen' for him, so that sounds to me like you would love to see something more 'permanent' develop now... right?

    Or, are you simply hoping that he will 'fall for you' too? Trying to see what you are desiring here...

    Four of Wands tells me that you really, really, really would LOVE to see something happen with him


  • you are absoultely right. Im just having a hard time letting my guard down because of my previous relationship that you also read for me on. I do think he has feelings for me but i also have that little voice in me saying he doesnt. I think it has to do with being afraid of getting hurt again. But I do REALLY like him.

  • You are holding back emotionally so that you don't get hurt... he is picking up on that in the spirit and he doesn't want to get hurt either. So he has pulled back.

    It comes down to which one of you are willing to be hurt chasing love? No one likes to be hurt, and the ladies wait until the guy has made a fool of himself, and then they 'eventually' decide (since they are the ones being chased).

    You either have found a guy that isn't interested in the chase and is looking for a quick "sure thing" like, can we go ahead and get physical now? - or you have a guy who is afraid of being hurt (shy) and is not going to come after you because of that.

    I see the Emperor which looks like him. He is in this place of authority and rule, and doesn't look like at this point he is going to be chasing you.

    Five of wands shows all of this "what do I do, how should I act" energy going on around you.

    Ten of Swords looks like you, afraid of being stabbed in the back, let down, hurt, left for dead.

    Ace of Wands shows one of you making a decision to move forward with a decisive move in some way. Is that you or him?

    High Priestess - looks like you are the one who needs to be chasing him. The question is, do you have the guts to do that and risk having your heart broken?


    Then take up stamp collecting.


    Then you will find true love eventually.

    The Two of Cups.

  • Thanks astra! sounds like you hit the nail on the head. Guess its up to me to decide weather hes worth the risk or not.

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