Hanswolfgang, can you help me please?

  • newbee2,

    give me some insight on this issue..: It is the beginning of all creativity and a desire to accomplish new goals. Anything can happen and the opportunities are just waiting to be taken advantage of.

    I just got those vibes from him and subconsciously changed career?? Yes.

    why can`t i let him go? because you feel that a once-close union is starting to fragment and break down.

    When will I experience this strong connection with someone new? when the pain and hurt you have endured will have not gone without purpose.

    I`m getting 6 of swords quite often when asking about him: there is some sadness in terms of him you will need to leave behind you but you know that this trip will do you a world of good!

    and 4 of cups often comes up too: in this sense this indicates the need to look deep into your Self to discover the answers you seek.


    just by reading this, if you understand it, it has already happened. There is nothing else to do.

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