Help for my wife - captain can you help?

  • hi captain,

    as you know, i have surgery coming up to fix my ileostomy. my wife is having a really tough time handling everything. she had another break down today. she blames me for the mistake. do you see things getting better? she worries the surgery wont work though i tell her itwill. thank u so much.

  • She is being overwhelmed by your constant ill health. She needs to spend some more time on herself and maybe by herself. It would be of great benefit if she could get away alone for a while - a holiday or visiting her family, for instance. She needs some distance and perspective from your problems in order to refresh herself.

  • Thank you captain, I really appreciate your insight. It helps knowing that all will work out and it keeps me from going crazy. I told my wife about this site, but she thinks I'm nuts. I have one question, it's kind of silly I guess. Do you see me buying a plane soon? Thanks again!

  • No, not buying, but maybe renting. You shouldn't buy a plane until you are sure you will get enough use out of it. You won't know unless you try but flying a plane might not be for you after all. What about being up in the air in other ways, like hang-gliding, parachuting, ballooning, or paragliding, for instance?

  • After reading the comments, I wanted to let you know that you and she are not the only ones out there who feel guilt or shame over one's health issues. No one is at fault. No one is even expected to know everything and yes, the Captain is correct. She is simply overwhelmed right now and desperately needs a day off from her routine in order to gain perspective.

    Cleaning your stomy site IS a job not everyone can handle. I give her three thumbs up for trying!

  • i talked to my wife about buying today and she said therds no way we can do it now. i belong to a flying club so i will stay there. ive been flying since i was a teen, and jumping in my plane and going. i gotna job offer for some fun flying toobafraid to do it. i have my commercial license and im going to try the airlines.

    my wife is a saint cleaning my stoma. i hope its only about 6 weeks left until its gone. thanks captain. your help is so appreciated. oh, my pre-op is in dec. do you forsee and issues on the scan? you are the best.

  • Captain,

    My mom in law had a dream someone in our family will gt sick. Last time she had it, I got sick. I know you said I would be fine, so is it another member or was her dream just a dream.

    Do you do private readings? I feel bad for asking so much frm you. Thank u.

  • I feel there will be nothing on your pre-op scan that cannot be dealt with successfully. I think you are in good hands.

    Dreams are not always prophecies - I feel your mother-in-law's dream is fear-based.

    I cannot do private readings here as I am not allowed by admin to post my email address. Sorry, I wish I could! But I also do readings at Psychic Faces (google it) under my name - Sharelle Toomey.

  • thanks. i will check out that site. my wife talked to my dr's nurse and she said if he said it will work, i will be ok. i still worry. do u see the surgery being easy for my dr? i worry about my complications from my illness. also, do u see a decent settlement in my malpractice case?thanks again.

  • Stop worrying - it will only make your health worse. You have got to stop obsessing over this and find some calm - I know you have cause to worry (from the past) but you have got to trust the Universe to take care of you. It would be beneficial for you to meditate or learn some relaxation exercises or gentle physical exercise. It would also be beneficial for your wife for you to stop worrying so much. It sounds like your home is full of anxious people.

  • than you so much. i have a problem with obsessing. my ex girlfriend is a dr and even though she says i will be ok, i still worry.i used to run marathons until i got sick. that helped. i will take your advice and try meditation/prayet.

    i signed up for an account on the other site so i hope to see you there!

  • OK.

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