Astra Angel,

  • I see that you have many requests from people for a reading, so I hope you don't mind me asking to have a reading.

    Remember me? You've given a love reading to me before, on the thread titiled "love life?"

    I'm the one who is in love with a man 26 years older than me, the one who's been in jail since Christmas.

    Our friend Joey has just recently been sent to the same dorm my love (Brian) us in. I have gotten a letter from Brian through Joey and his girlfriend Haile.

    I am happy to have finally gotten a letter from him after all of these months not hearing from him. I'm currently writing him back and will have a letter sent to him through Haile and Joey soon.

    Me and him are finally communicating again, which does make me happy...

    Since this has happened, I wanted to get another love reading from you regarding him and I and our situation. I'd greatly appreciate it. 🙂

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  • Hi Piscesgirl4life

    OK, well glad to hear you are back in touch with him! That is extremely encouraging and I am very happy for you!

    Let's take look and see where things are heading now...

    Strength. You are standing strong in the relationship. In spite of a lot of adversity, you have not given up.

    Seven of Wands. Still, there has been some difficulties for you in this situation. Are you still getting push back from others? You might be wrestling within yourself as well, about something connected with him.

    Four of Cups. You are really missing him. It has not been easy to hang in there with him. You have been tempted to throw in the towel, still you press on.

    Knight of Wands. You are ready to do whatever it takes to secure his love and make this work.

    Knight of Pentacles. This is his energy reaching back to you. He is more of plodder, or this can refer to his restriction that do not allow him to be as firey as you are about the relationship. He does care about you though!

    Nine of Pentacles and the Ten of Cups. He sees you as a stable foundation materially, he would LOVE to connect with you and start something, a home, a family, a new life. This man is all about making a new start and is seeing you more and more to a key in that journey.

    The Magician - You possess the power to see this come to pass. Your dreams and your desires are forming the energies into the ways that bring to pass your heart's desires. You have known instintively what it takes to make this happen.

    Ten of wands - in spite of a heavy load of responsibilities that you carry in life, choices and duties and actions that seem to come out of nowhere, adding to a mountain that you thought couldn't get any bigger. And still it grows.

    Three of Swords - you are more determined than ever to see this through to the end no matter what. You are determined, committed, resolute fixed and immovable in your choice, this man is square in your sights and you REFUSE to let anything, anyone, any power in heaven or in earth to thwart your passionate quest.

    Look where it gets you. The World. A new life. A new personal sense of accomplishment, for this is not only about chasing love, this is about YOU STICKING TO YOUR GUNS in spite of a lot of adversity. Matter of fact, you have actually been empowered by the adversity. They said no, and you said YES. They said forget him and that caused you to remember him all the more. They said they would cut you off by your activities, and you said GOOD because that only means something better for me out there,

    Two of Swords. Heaven is impressed. The angels are even sitting up and taking notice. Some of them have been so bored with what is happening on the earth, they just watch TV in heaven... you actually got them to turn off the TV and start helping someone - YOU.

    Temperance - your advice now is to stay balanced and stay the course as your dreams will all come to pass.


    Because of the Knight of Swords.

    Communication. Keep writing him and don't stop.

    love, astra

  • Thank you Astra 🙂

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