Astra Angel,

  • I see that you have many requests from people for a reading, so I hope you don't mind me asking to have a reading.

    Remember me? You've given a love reading to me before, on the thread titiled "love life?"

    I'm the one who is in love with a man 26 years older than me, the one who's been in jail since Christmas.

    Our friend Joey has just recently been sent to the same dorm my love (Brian) us in. I have gotten a letter from Brian through Joey and his girlfriend Haile.

    I am happy to have finally gotten a letter from him after all of these months not hearing from him. I'm currently writing him back and will have a letter sent to him through Haile and Joey soon.

    Me and him are finally communicating again, which does make me happy...

    Since this has happened, I wanted to get another love reading from you regarding him and I and our situation. I'd greatly appreciate it. 🙂

  • Hi pises,

    You maybe best to put this on the tarot threat for Astra, just trying to help.

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