Capricorn woman/Gemini Man

  • I can't explain this strange connection witha Gemini guy. I've tried to deny and move past these feelings by dating and seeing other guys. Especially since this Gemini does not living here in the states. But I can't shake my feelings. This is all new to me...I've either been involved with men who were either a Virgo, Cancer, Taurus or Libra.

    Can someone tell me what is about Gemini men?

  • Hi, I think you both will enjoy each others company. However, Gemini usually does not hold back their opinions and Capricorn can be very opinionated. I can see an explosion if these two signs clash. Personally, I don't have a lot of luck w/Capricorn because every one has tried to literally control me. Gemini will not control. Gemini doesn't have to control. They are too busy doing other things. This is another difference between the two signs that I have experienced.

    I can see silence for awhile as you all try and figure each other out, though.

  • I've noticed this Gemini guy does not hold back his opinons...LOL. Speaking of silence, there have been times when there's been silence on either his behave or mine. Sorry you haven't had luck with Capricorn. I for one, don't like to be controlled. Therefore, I don't try to control others.


  • Us Geminis absolutely hate to be controlled....!!!! Yes we do have opinions too and we can have heated discussions but we make up pretty good too!!! I have a Capricorn sister in law who's pretty independent and socialable ....your Gemini man will allow you that independence and socialability but Gems love to be flattered and flirted with so don't forget to flirt once in a while with him!!

  • Yeah,

    You Geminis forgive! Yet, seems on ur terms...

    and when it's convenient!

    Love u Geminis, I can't get rid of you-all!

    Whassup wth Scorpio/Gemini, will someone pls explain??!!

    Lisa 🙂

  • Score - 'tis instant fireworks, guaranteed sparks 'n explosions with loadsa emotional rollercoastering, and pretty much guaranteed heartbreak from what I've read, but enjoy the wild ride while you're on it!! ; D ...

  • I am also in love with a Gemini man ..I am Capricorn and I have noticed about him that he is not to be controlled at all and as far as him an I go I give him all the freedom he can handle I make no demands on him I give lots of attention and compliments.. he is married to an awful women who cheats continually on him but he loves his chilren and does not want to have them destroyed with divorce.... yet... she is going on affair number three...her no. two was with my ex-man thats how I met him.

    he is very storg-willed and very, very busy, yes he is a cheater and a liar but I love his strength and his will for life ...he did not let that women destroy him or his love for his children. I am going to wait for a bit more to see if he will be free soon for me.

  • @bizzie wow that's some story you have there. Good luck hope u get your guy soon.

    @i am seeing a gemini guy at the moment and i am cap rising myself though to be honest since i'm gemini too i am not sure how my cap traits get into the picture when dealing with him. And to try answer your question no one has yet figured out what is it really about gemini men we just like them a lot for some reason lol.

    However one of my closest friends is a cap and when she listens to my stories about my gem guy she can't put her finger around why would anyone put up with him at all...

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  • This post is deleted!

  • i am a gem with a cap moon! i too believe up bringing has a lot to do with how we act but, i have that gem side of me that can be involved with more than one person but i never have. i feel it strong though, i am strugling more and more as time goes on.

    liar never but after 30 yrs with the only relationship of my life , is getting tough, i think it more of a compatability thing with a sensative and unmotivated pieces. i think if i was with a more compatable personality it wouldnt be an issue.. must be the cap moon that has kept me stable somewhat and grounded. just a thought but the battle is always going on inside. help!


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  • Bizzie be careful with your heart. He is still a married man. It so easy to fall in love with a Geminin man. They are very difficutl, but if they fill anything for you they can be very honest and sweet beings. Maybe you should step back and let things just work out. It makes it hard to want somethig that does not belong to you, nothing comes good out ths type of relationship. This type of relationship not just involves you but his family too. So good luck!!!!!!. Don't know how this is going to turn out.

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