• Dear Captain,

    I also have very important issues i need to ask about...

    My sister Deanne 1/17/62 is very vindictive,, and spent two years in prison for embezelment. She retaliated very badly before she went in because I did not let her get away with what she wanted andshe manipulated my mopm into signing power of attorney both finabcially and medically with no concern for my mom or me...My mom has had to stand up to her and tell her to give funds out of moms stocks in order for me to fix my caR. sHE MOVED HER 40 minutes away and with no car I cant see her. And only put herself on the list of authorized people to talk to Dr. s. My mom is changing the poa to me and deanne is giving me 1000. out of the stocks but I am very afraid something will happen to my mom My sister tried taking my life and she does not seem to have a conciense. Now that Deanne is losing control....I am very afraid!!!! for both of us...!!! My mom is allergic to dairy and squash and she has had cronic diaria every since she has been close to my sister and I want to know if she has been putting in her coffee or food. The police wont listen because they believe that it is just a feud beween D and I. My moms name is Karen her BD is 09/06/44

  • Yes I believe your sister is trying to make your mother ill - can you get your mother to keep a sample of her food that your sister serves her to get it tested for poisonous substances - then you will have proof for the police. And you had better do it FAST!

    According to her profile, your sister is desperate to be independent and self-reliant, not having to ask anyone for help, support, or money. She will do anything to achieve this goal as she feels she deserves it, having been treated badly by the world and her family (as she sees it). It's ironic but she tends to see other people as parasites or limitations to her goals when she is in fact the one who uses people. She needs to be in control of everyone and everything to feel safe as she actually has extremely low self-worth and a lot of insecurity and instability. She's a very tough cookie on the outside however and very masculine in her ambition and aggressiveness. She lives by a "God-help-anyone-who-gets-in-my-way' rule. If you show any weakness, she will crush you under her boot.

    You must really fight her now and stand up to her or else she will harm both of you. She is totally ruthless and selfish. Don't let her being your sister or daughter hold you and your mother back from fighting her - unless someone stops her, she will just become worse and worse. No amount of money will satisfy her. You cannot treat her nicely because she will see that as a weakness and exploit it. Get that POA immediately.

    Your mother wants the love and attention of you both and is trying to be diplomatic here but this won't work as your sister is beyond any helpful efforts. She needs strong determined tactics now to stop her.

  • You have described her perfectly Would it help to have her comitted to a psych ward?

    She doesnt learn from her mistakesI dont know what to do...

  • My mom is in denial that Deanne could do such a thing I was too when she made me have an accident before prison...She wants to bring this check to me in person, I will call her probation officor instead of the police or speak to the chief or some thing. Is she ok untill Sunday untiil i can go pick her up?

  • You and your mother need to cut your sister off until her behaviour becomes less life-threatening to you all. Make her see that you are strong, and put your foot down with her. Don't let her run things or have her way - tell her you know what she's doing and unless she wants to go back to jail, she had better stop it.

  • I was going to threaten Deanne that either she go into a psych ward to get help or I am calling her probation officor.and have them investigate the money she has taken from the stocks.

    I prayed that she would change and hasnt. She has deep psychological problems that need to be taken care of. I have watched her steal and manipuate people all my life! She is very jelous. and insecure and uses oteher people to get what she wants.

    Will she do it?

  • I spooke to and fbi agent about my concerns. but i think he may have misunderstood that it was not a federal case. I have been trying to reach her daughter in law but my son will not give her number.

    Can you tell me where Tom has put my key? Or is there a psychic who can tell me where it is?

  • I am asking once again if you can do one more reading for me and walt mine is 7/20/64 his is 09/11/49 he is not showing respect in certain areas and I want to know if he is sincere with his promises, I have been delt many false promises in my life and need to protect my self if he isnt.


  • Your sister won't change because she feels it is everyone else who is at fault, not her. That is why you have to be strong with her. The more you wait, the more out-of-control, ambitious and destructive she gets.

    I feel Tom has your key on his keyring.

    You and 09/11/49: Your friend has very high hopes in relationships, which only masks his fear of being unable to sustain them. His unrealistic expectations may ruin his love affairs when the other person turns out to be less than his perfect ideal of a partner.

    This is actually a highly incompatible match for love. The principal challenge here is whether the two of you can be sensitive enough to each other's needs. Insensitivity is likely to arouse tremendous conflict, and at times can threaten to tear the relationship apart. Your friend's critical and rejecting attitudes are likely to arouse your resentment and antagonism. He in turn may be put off by your penchant for expressing your emotions publically, and by your lack of sensitivity to his need for privacy and discretion. Great care must be taken then, to sense the other person's point of view and to treat it with respect. A love affair here may be on the cool side. Your friend may have some sexual issues. As lovers, one or both of you may see romance as enjoyable but realistically perhaps an illusion in the end. The relationship rarely gives itself in the emotional realm, then, tending to hold back and guard its vulnerabilities. Trust doesn't come easily, to your partner especially. And too much realism can take the fun out of life and the romance out of love.

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