~Need to help my Auntie~

  • Hi Everyone ~ My Auntie Sharon is alone on a awful piece of commercial property. She lives 1 State away from me & my Mom. She needs to sell this property because it's all she has & her ex husband of almost 40 years did not properly provide for her. This property is not fit for her to live on. So I have some questions about how we as a family can help her. She just got broken into & they stole anything that was left of value to her. She is proud & stubborn but has the sweetest heart. 1) What would be our first step in going forward to help her? 2) When will her property sell? We all know she needs to just let it go for a lower value & we think she realizes this because of the economy & even at a lower price she will have enough money to live comfortably but we would like to get her away from there as soon as possiple. She deserves to live a better life with the help of all of us as a family & we are all willing to do what it takes to help her. She is not safe living there & she is always scared. If anyone can offer some insight we would really appreciate it. Her birthday is 10/ 29/44. Thank you so much. We want to see her safe & comfortable as soon as possible. Love & Blessings ~D

  • hey dmick find a good real estate agent for commercial properties and one that knows the area

    they will be able to help you figure out the selling price. Try to go with the more national companies if possible as they will be able to keep in contact with you easier since you live in another state.

    also is it possible for you to move your auntie with a family member until the place is sold? Safety is the 1st concern

    I will add her to my blessing to keep here safe.

  • Hi Dmick

    I agree with shadowmist, get a good estate agent and get it on the market and get her out asap, safety first. No psychic insight I am afraid. Maybe she could think more clearly if she was away from the situation.

    Good luck!

    hugs Paddi

  • dmick59

    Your Aunt will consent to leave in 2012 the beginning half of the new year. She needs to know that where she will be living is safe enough to leave her present home is what I feel. Is she well physically and mentally? She will sell the property which I sense has some trees around it in less than six months after she moves out. The land will have to be watched so that vandalls will not break in and destroy the inside of the building.

    She likes to garden feels like here and needs her own space also, she may want to leave whomever she lives with and have a place near-by of her own, as she feels like she likes to have quiet and space.

    The price she receives for the property will be less than what she would have liked , but I sense the property needs repair on a water heater and furance also, they may need replacement which is costly.

    She will find peace with the love and guidence of family and one member stands out here a bit, a woman that was blonde in her youth , her words will help your Aunt to let go and move on, in which she has new friends to make and a new beginning to shape.


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