Ok what is it with cancer men?

  • Any advice on how to get a straight answer from a cancer man? All I am getting is.....that when I tell him I like him, he says" I like you too"...but that still doesn't tell me anything. I mean he is still with the other gal as far as I can tell, but his relationship with her is none of my business. I can't just outright ask him if she and him are still together, I don't even know the girl. I know she is 6 years or so his senior, and we are both 27. I know that we like each other, but I also know that he likes her too, and that he doesn't want to hurt her feelings or anything. I also know that I wouldn't want him jumping into a relationship with me, only days or hours after he let go of her. I want everything to be right, and I guess it will be right, in it's own time, and plae. I am playing the "if you need someone to talk to" card right now, and it seems to be working. I am slowly starting to see that he really does like me, and that the only thing holding him back is her. I also hae complicated things by being intimate with him, when she has not, and I know that is not what he was after, but that's what happened, and neither one of us drink, so I know it wasn't because we were inibriated. I guess what i need is advice on what to do next......??...Do I stay playing the "I'll be hear for you if you need to talk" card, or do I just ask him outright what he wants from me??...As a taurus, i can be a little harsh, and sound mean, when I am not aiming to be. I also have been told that I am a little too forward in my questions.....please someone, I need advice.

  • hey lawdawg, my apologies to river..for jumping in on her forum, but this is an opportunity to speak with a cancer male who I am not involved with so no need to clam up...

    I am a leo woman he is a cancer man...been secretly in love..secret from each other...since jr. high, over 20 years ago...he said he fell in love with the fact that I didn't care about consequences...he fell the day I told a teacher off...he said it seemed he would always be thinking it but that I would just say it outloud...hadn't seen each other in 18 years got together a few months ago..I have finally been upgraded to "girlfriend" status

    I am so in love with him, would be so loyal, and absolutely keep him safe....but oh my god this is taking sooo long for him to quit going back and forth

    Ever been with a leo woman...how did it go if yes?

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  • Riverofgrass, I miss you! What's been happening? Do you read Tarot cards by any chance? The reason I ask is because MariaRia and I have been having fun on her thread "Help with reading what relationship would be like". We are sharing interpretations on our readings...always trying to figure out our relationships of course, lol, and gaining more experience at doing readings at the same time. Would be fun to have you join us. 🙂

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  • Hey there, I am glad I checked my thread, I was just thinking about you today and wandering if you had posted here I've been so busy between my job and my toddler - but things have started to calm down and get easier to handle.

    My cancer has basically decided he does not want a relationship until after his divorce which is next Feb March if they do it at a year. While I haven't given up, I am not so focused on him. My heart is with him and that is hard to stop. Every date I go out on I have to say I am thinking of him, but that will fade with time. I am also learning so much more about him because now we are friends and still hang out. He is hot and cold, hot and cold. Time will tell, if it is meant to be, it will be, as a good gemini love of mine told me....the married one 🙂

    I don't do my own readings, but I do the reading on this site quite a bit and find them really useful and insightful. The last reading I did, my significant other card, was the moon and the description was eerily totally aligned with my cancer it was amazing. I will come over the the thread and check it out !! Maybe you guys can teach me.

  • Ah, well you know I can hear the resolve and a touch of peace in your words. Sounds like you are in a good place, even if it's not the place you wanted to be. As you say, time will tell and so great that you are staying friends. You know the most amazing, happily married couple I've ever known were together for ten years before they ever got married. They never lived together either. When I asked my friend what his advice was for a long-lasting relationship he said, "never trust a relationship that starts out like a dam-burst with a flood of emotions that all wash away in a flash, you want a lazy river that slowly winds it's way to the great ocean". It's a funny thought, but so true and he and his wife are evidence that he may just be right. We always want it NOW instead of building a good foundation first. Who knows what may happen yet with you and your Cancer. February will be here before you know it and maybe he will be needing a good friend like you.

    Would love to help you get familiar with the Tarot. I'm still learning new things all the time and bouncing readings off MariaRia has been really fun - getting new angles on old interpretations. We just had another "newbie" join us too, Sky80, so you would not be alone. I'm looking forward to when Sky has the confidence to start offering input on Maria and I's readings, things should get even more interesting then. Anyway, will hope to see you there!

    So glad to find you well though and carrying on with optimism. I'm in a fairly peaceful place myself, still have my ups and downs, but like you, ready to just let some time pass and see how things evolve for a while and what new things life may surprise me with.

  • Very insightful to lawdawg...that helped me too!

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