Scopio woman with an Aries man, Help please!

  • I am a Scorpio I've been in a failing marriage to a capricorn for about 3 years and I'm ready for a divorce but finances have been hard to start again on my own in this economy, being a mother of a 2 year old... So I am just now seperating from my husband. although we haven't slept in the same bed for over a year. I decided to start a new job about a year ago, I met an amazing aries man, who was my partner. we worked side by side for about 7 months and i couldn't help but fall for him, as he was very charming, caring and very determined to win me over.

    after working together for about 7 months, The aries man finished his bachelors degree and switched career fields, to work for his dream job. He work's full time, and is in his last year of school for his associates degree, He also DJ's on weekends, needless to say he has very little time for anything else. He makes time for me about once a week, which is all i ask for because i don't want to get in the way of his goals. He says he's not ready for a relationship because he feels he's not stable enough, that there's not time so he wouldn't be able to treat me right, He also expressed he isn't sure if i'd "be able to handle him and all of his stuff." (I'm not sure what that means) I work late hours -11 at night, So we've never actually been on a date, sure we've gone out, i like to watch him DJ but mostly we stay at his house and watch movies and stuff. We've been at this for almost a year now, he says he thinks by the time he finishes school he'll be more stable and might be ready for a committed relationship. I know he doesn't date anyone else, although he is a flirt. and surprisingly I'm not jealous with him, I guess i trust him, although we're not in a committed relationship i know he respects me enough to tell me if he had met someone else. I just wonder if he will really be ready or if I'm just pressuring him too much. As i said i have a two year old so I don't 'date around.' I want to be sure of him but of all the things I've read about the aries man it make me wonder if he'll ever want to commit to me. It's odd it's like I'm dating him because when we're together it's amazing, We have phenominal chemistry and we can really make each other laugh. It's almost as if He always see's me for exactly who i am and always knows what to say to calm me down or make me listen (I am a scorpio after all). My father was an aries and actually had the same birthday as this aries, so i see alot of similarity's in their personalities. So I almost felt like i always knew what to expect from him. I try to let him take the lead but it's hard because if i did, i feel like i'd never see him, Because when he does want to hang out I have things going on. We seem perfect for eachother and all of our friends see it. I'm just not sure if he see's it. I would like him to give us a real chance, but I'm not sure how to show him it's a good idea without seeming like I'm pressuring him or being a distraction from his goals. Because he's right it's hard to find time for eachother. Ehhh what should I do?

  • Hi,

    First thing that came to my mind reading this is for you to figure out what you really want with your life.

    For now you two are comfortable with the situation and I think since you both have hectic lives this is what works at the moment.

    You can't offer him the commitment you are expecting from him or that he would expect from you simply because you are still married.

    And he has been pretty much honest with you where his head is at the moment.

    I say if you two are enjoying each other company...let it be.

    I am a Scorpio yes I know where you are coming from YET you got to be totally honest with yourself aswell. It takes two to tango.

    Your situation isn't horoscope related it's just the reality of your lives and what you both choose to share with each other.

    You are smart enough to distinguish what works and what is feasible. Get to truly know each other and be totally open with each other.

    If you come the conclusion that you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen.


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