Love & Relationship Reading Request

  • I am new here and finding my way around. Could someone do a love/relationship reading for me? My B Day is 12/31/1973. Thanks.

  • Hey pilotguy

    Seven of Pentacles - where you are now. Choices in material. Career, job, money, something you are hashing out in this realm, trying to make a decision from a lot of options.

    Nine of Pentacles - so the material thing is rather intense. This is where you want to be, secure, confident with everything working for you materially. It's a goal anyway.

    Seven of Cups - not only in money - also in LOVE, some options you are considering, This one... or that one? Some choices for sure. Where is (she) I hear you asking, a lot of window shopping.

    Ace of Wands - you are READY to make a MOVE about something intense. Like a fire in you, you are getting tired of waiting for your ship to come in. You are ready to swim to whereever you have to make something start happening.

    Two of Wands - yeah its strong. Like I am ready to get the show on the road, and you have weighed the options long enough, Time to decide, time to make a choice and see what happens. You are ready to try anything and you really don't care what the outcome is as long as you are making PROGRESS. Anywhere. Anything. Anyone. You don't care. WHERE IS MY LIFE!

    Ten of Cups, well here is a part of your life, Love that is rich and full and real and not BS. This you would love to find, no matter what you have to do. Is this you in the picture? I hope so cuz its reallly nice u have a wonderful lady in your arms (I hope your a guy at least your name seems to say a guy 🙂 -

    Seven of Cups - so now we are back to this dream you have .... it is deep, and real for you, You see yourself in this place and so every one you meet you are looking into her heart and whispering where have you been all my life.. and waiting to see what she says...

    Two of Swords, You tend to close off sometimes and wait for brighter days. You are a spiritual person, you know what it means to be quiet and reserved and calm while life passes by and you wonder, why is it passing by? I though there was supposed to be something nice, and sweet and real, and fulfilling, and adventurous... and then you can only draw those swords up and seek heaven. As earth has not always been the happiest place in the universe.

    Oh but it will be...

    look at this pilotguy... time to get that little Cessna 172 of yours fired up and taxi to runway 17... cuz look whats coming for you my friend...

    Ten of Pentacles

    Four of Wands


    The Lovers

    it doesn't get any better than that.

    Would you like to trade lives. If someone pulled those cards on me, I think I would start crying and never stop.



  • thank you so much. my life is in limbo now as i have had serious health issues from negligent doctors. i have been thinking of chasing my life dream after my surgery to fix my problem. i feel after my surgery works, my life can begin again and new.

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