Me Aquarius Woman dating a Cancer Man

  • This is my first time dating a cancer. Though my brother and most of my friends are cancer sign. I find cancer man quite interesting. We've been dating almost 6 months. He never mentions about dating exclusively or have a relationship. In the first 2 months, we rarely see each other maybe 1 a week or 1 biweekly. I did verbally tell him twice that i'm not playing game and looking for someone to have a relationship with. He said i need to be patience. He's very attentive. When we eat, he always gives me food and opens the car door. He texts me every single day asking hows my day. He is an introverted and said meaningful things. For the past 2 months, he requested to spend more time with me including weekends, 2 times per week, and text me more. Sometimes he doesn't ask me if he can come over, he just said he's on his way to my place. We went out to eat many times and i also made him dinners. He always holds me when we sleeps. He has been singing lines from songs like "you have my heart but you don't get the key" and told me he can only give me half of his heart. I laughed, what am i to say? I don't assume anything bc aquarius are usually likes to get to the bottom of things. I have learned to just sit back and watch.

    I'm comfortable at where i'm at but i notice he's giving subtle clues such as telling me his how much he made and how much he saved in the bank, and he wants to buy a house, and how he's not where he's at in life, and how he shares his inspirational and emotional movies. which I don't ever probe. At this point i like to watch his behaviors. It's interesting. I have read that Cancer men like you to chase him and i admit that is true. They like you to shower them with attention and lots of reassurance. Sometimes I wish he knows that he is this wonderful man without me telling him.

    Anyway...For me I will take you serious if you verbally tell me what you want, I refuse to make any assumption. But it's kind of fun to know what his subtle clues mean....Can someone guess?


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