Love and Life Reading

  • I would like a reading, if anyone has the time.

    Will I find my forever soulmate, and will I be ready? Will it happen anytime soon?

    Will my children come to live with me, and will the situation with my in-laws be resolved in my favor?

    Thanks for anyone who has time to help.

  • I'll get to one for you. Probably up this eve.

  • Your future looks positive. At present, shows you picking up the pieces. Your reading is saying--pick the battles because you've suffered a loss. Are you known for speaking your mind. Situation is calling for maturity, thinking w/head. Circumstances of past your dealing with. There is a silver lining to this and shows situation improving. Shows relatonship with authority figure will change. Blocks are that people need to work together. Things are unfinished at present. Show your competency. You've been dealing with news that is unwelcome. Reading is more about thinking clearly to solve drama. I'm getting that this will resolve when you can deal w/issues instead of drama. Things are changing and must change in this scenario. I'm getting 2 males figure into this scenario. Shows you meeting someone--the soulmate. In your outcome shows someone detaching/the need to detach, avoid drama. Also, shows group involved in this drama. Maybe one of "them" as detaching.

  • Thank you. Much appreciated.

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