Taurus man scorpio woman- Good combo?

  • Been seeing taurus man for 6 months. He is a blast from the past. We met up 10 yrs ago, but nothing came of the friendship then. Now we are very close, but he seems slow to commit. He says he needs time to see if I am the right person for him, yet he cooks for me, takes me out, calls me most of the time, talks about the future with me included, so on and so forth. I'm a little confused as I care for him very much but I don't want to be hurt yet again. He has been hurt in the past too and I wonder if he is still in love with that particular woman and can he really move on? Am I wasting my time?

  • Hi Shinobi2 - NO you are not waisting your time. Your Scorpion impatiencenous is making you question. As he is a Taurus, go with the flow with this guy, he cares about you and yes he is very sensitive but he'll come around...never rush a bull!


  • Shinobi2--

    He is definitely interested in you. But please don't rush him. Bulls hate to be rushed. We would rather be safe than sorry. We need to be 100% certain before we commit. Like our opposite sign Scorpio, when we commit, we FULLY COMMIT!. We need consistency, loyalty, completion, and the reassurance that you will not leave our side.

    Bulls may not always divulge this, but we take deceit, infidelity or the loss of a relationship very seriously. We take great measures in protecting ourselves.

    We're often perceived as being insensitive, which could not be further from the truth. When we hurt. It stings. It stings hard! But because we're emotionally strong people, those emotions (feelings of anger, betrayal) is seldom displayed. What the world sees and what we display is always two different things.

    I think Scorpios and Tauruses are very compatible (despite what the zodiac states). More compatible than Cancers and Tauruses if you ask me. Nothing against Cancers. I simply love them.:)...But Scorpios tend to be much stronger than Cancers emotionally. They will deal with a Taurus head on. No shell-hiding. LOL! A Bull will appreciate that! The powerful aggression. The raw honesty! Tauruses, like their Scorpio counterparts can also be quite blunt, opinionated, fiery and strong willed. Which may clash from time to time, but there will always be a mutual respect for one another. Why? These two signs understand one another...and both signs want the same thing!

    If you're worried about him going back to this other woman! It will not happen. Earth signs differ from Water signs in that aspect. Crabs and Scorpions seem to love to re-live the past. I know for Bulls, if the memory is painful, we never want to relive it! Ever! So we rarely put ourselves in the situations to re-live it again. This does not apply to just relationships...it applies to friendships, colleagues, and etc. We prefer to start new. Make new memories with fresh relationships.

    I hope everything works out for you.

    Good Luck!

  • Thank you all for the insights, I guess I will need to be more patient with him. Sometimes it feels like I'm being interviewed for the job of wife! lol. He did say yesterday though that he wasn't going anywhere and he did want us to be more than good friends with benefits. I will just go with the flow. He is wonderful, never met anybody quite like him. He has his moments and I am amused at how miserable he can be until he's fed! He is not phased by my me in the slightest.( I have found in the past that some men are put off by my intensity- so I have been told) He has totally blown me away, I pray I have found my soulmate at long last.

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