• Hi there, My husband has another job not 100% sure yet of outcome? Can someone please tell me cos if he gets it it means that we would have to move far from where we are and if so will we be happy there?

  • I'll do a reading for you. Post it later.

  • What this reading is all about is getting news that may be unwelcome to you. You are fearing the inevitable. Let things work themselves out. View the situation in a different light. I'm getting that you're feeling weight of decision and this will be a good test of your strength, getting to know who you really are. Showing that talents got your husband this job and is able to create a friendly trust in those around him. This reading is speaking to believing in yourself. You have an ability to control your environment and make a good thing out of this. I'm also getting not to be too hasty or valiant in this, don't do everything your way. Take a wait and see approach knowing that this can and will work to your favor. You must really love your husband. I drew the 2 of cups next to the lovers. This is a strong connection and I believe the two of you can work this out--no problems. Somewhere in this reading I got the feeling of doing everything rogue like conquering the wilderness--is that your husband. I think this will workout for you.

    Above--knight of swords

    present--wheel of fortune

    below--2 of rods


    challenges--8 of cups--challenge is leaving your comforts


    blocks--7 of swords

    allies--2 of cups


    outcome--hanged man reversed

    Hope this helps

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