Help with my dream please

  • To whoever can help me please with a dream I had.

    I was wondering if I could get a little help with this dream. I was with my sister in law and her

    and I was talking and while we were talking the dresser start falling. It did not hit either of us

    that was a good thing. But there was something that I was saying to her, I told her that I would

    be " putting her out if she was my brothers girlfriend and she was pregnancy with a baby" and I

    was very serious. But the thing I was not in my house it was her house. The walls were all green

    and again I was pregnancy, but I was being mean when I was saying that. I was talking about me

    when I was saying that about putting some body out. And I know in my heart I would not do anything

    like that. And in the other room Stevie and his band was there but they were all talking but Stevie was

    watching and listening to everything I was saying. And I think the way I was acting was because I knew

    he was watching.

    Ok here is some of what I can get out of this there is some thing good because of the green because

    means positive change growth or healing of some kind. And there could be some jealous sometimes with

    this color. And that the pregnancy means new ideas new direction or some kind of change. So there is some kind of change going on with me. But the falling dresser is the thing that gets me. I know that the dresser would repesent me but how I don't know.

    Can somebody please help

    Thanks Lusty.

  • I think jealousy over your brother would be accurate. You 2 were close. Something has recently come between you on a level you do not understand. You have done something to create a loss of trust. No worries. I think it was something that had to happen in order for you 2 to develop necessary growth where as the relationship has been stifled.

  • Hello lynnaashling

    Thank you This was not about my brother it was about my sister in laws brother. That was who I was talking about not my brother. Jackie and I are close. You are right about there is something that I don't understand. I have to figure out what it is that I did, that created the loss of trust. So when you say this had to happen to the both of us who are you talking about

    Thanks so much. Illona

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