Cancer man virgo woman

  • well where do i begin... i fell very hard for a cancer man. he waseverything i wanted, intelligent, charming(at times) , sexy and very spiritual. we chatted everyday through text for about 2 months we've gone on two dates and we hit it off very well.

    later into our dating experience he told me that he was also dating another woman. he ultimately chose to be with her over me. i was of course very hurt, he continued to show an interest in me even after choosing her and we were still intimate a few times after their courtship.

    i'm a lil confused becasue i have tried to get rid of him and he found ways to convince me to not end our "friendship". i do have a love for him but i'm not sure why. he never calls or says" just wanted to see how your day is going" but he fixes her breakfast and wants to make love to me on occassion. i would have loved to be his wife and love him forever but in the end i feel like im being stupid for having these feelings for him... PLEASE GIVE SOME ADVICE 😕

  • Honestly, sounds like this guy is having his cake and eating it too...I would get rid and cut contact, it's only going to lead to more hurt for you as your feelings get more caught up in him...Sorry, but from what you've said he's not worth bothering over if he's doing that to you....move on and you'll find someone more worthy of your time and attention...Best wishes..

  • 2 months===2 dates

    Chose her over you.

    Cooks for her...Just sleeps w/you

    It sounds like, you were never really in the picture.

    You would have loved to be his wife?

    What are you REALLY asking?

    How to steal him from his current girlfriend?

    I'm not an expert on Cancer men, but from my experience with a Cancer man, they tend to cling and fall in love rather easily. My guess, he's definitely in love with the other girl, but because the two of you were already sexually intimate, he may have clinged to you as well. But I don't think it's love. More like infatuation, an ego-booster, or just plain horniness.

    Here is some advice, stop returning his phone calls. Move on. He's not worth this thread really. But something tells me that you have your own agenda.

  • Maybe you should try to stop thinknig about his good points like charming , intelligent and gentleman etc .. basically you like his subsitiute to provide his inadequacy probably in sexuality. This is kind of fling and he finds its prefect esp with no string attach which able to cater his needs...

  • Thank you guys very much for the advice i really needed it. and i do understand now.

  • ‎3 Signs Of A Healthy Mature Man

    Communication Secrets by Christian Carter...

    Sign #2: He Has Other Healthy Relationships

    This is an obvious sign you might already know about. I’m not telling you about it because it’s obvious. I’m telling you about it because it’s obvious and most women still IGNORE the plain and simple facts that are presented when they look at the other relationships a man has, or has had in his life. It’s important to know WHY too many do this. They do it because they aren’t looking at their relationship, and the man they already feel emotionally attached to, through the lens of “how is he in relationships.”

    They’re looking at him through the lens of the ATTRACTION and CHEMISTRY they feel for him.

    Chemistry is great. But if you want a real lasting and loving relationship, picking a man you know has the necessary qualities and “skills” to have a great relationship with you is just as important. There’s a great saying out there I keep hearing lately that’s true for men and woman-

    “How you do anything is how you do everything.”

    Think about it…

    The way in which we handle anything we come across- whether it’s a stressful situation at work, or a small fender-bender accident we get in- it says a lot about who we are and how we handle all the other areas of our life. Knowing this, guess what’s a great indicator of how a man is or will be in a close and intimate relationship? The other relationships he already has in his life.

    If you meet a new man in your life, pay attention to how he handles conflict or issues that come up in his other relationships (family, friends, ex’s, etc.).

    If he handles these with patience, compassion, understanding, and a positive attitude that has the goal of a positive and loving outcome in mind, it’s a good bet to assume this is how he’ll handle things that might come up with you. If, on the other hand, he takes offense whenever anyone sees him as less than perfect…

    Or he instantly defends himself or redirects any problems or complaints people have with him back to the person who had them and tries to blame them back…You can also bet that he likely WON’T handle things well with you and stay open and listen when real things come up in your relationship.

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