Was this person truely a friend? I need your advice it just dosn't end.

  • Alright I´ll bite and try to help. Ahm in all this I wanna ask you to ask your gut can I trust this friend anymore. truely honestly can you? if the reply is no, we will work from there. If the reply is yes we will tke it from there aswell.

    When we are confused and anrgy it stems from ourselves and we wanna lash out at the nearest person availeble, because the initiator of that anger aint there. Human reaction, we all do it. However those that loves us, forgives us more easily. Your husband may have done what he did out of insecurity within himself. you and him might need a sit down and talk and LISTEN to eachother when the other speaks. Ill check in and see if you´ve responded. I really wanna help. So for now breathe deep and even a few times and relax. As i advised someone else here, you too need metimes without all hustle and bustle of theses issues you find yourself in. would do you good. An hour a day if you can. Good luck and ill see you on here soon.

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