Please help with a reading

  • Hello all. I am new to this forum and hope it's not rude to ask for help with a reading. Usually I'm pretty good at figuring out what the cards are trying to tell me but this time I can't make any sense of it, maybe because I'm tired and worried about everything so can't see straight.

    Anyway, I didn't do an actual question because there are so many worries on my mind, so I did a horseshoe spread (online) asking to show me important things in my life.

    I received:

    Past ; Eight of Cups

    Present : Knight of Swords

    Hopes and fears: Five of Wands

    Obstacles: Four of Wands

    Attitudes of others: Three of Wands

    Influences around me: Four of Cups

    Outcome: King of Swords

    No major arcana and no pentacles. Ideas/creativity of wands between words/intellect of swords and with some not so good cups thrown in. I just can't make sense of this reading at all. Can anyone help please?

  • Hey pips

    I saw this the other day and was thinking about you...

    I'll share what I see...

    You are leaving behind something emotionally you are trying to distance yourself from... leading you to your present situation where the focus is on your mind and not so much the emotions. You are moving in a new direction using your mind to focus on a new path and goal for your life.

    The four of wands obstacle feels like success is hard for you to see for yourself. You struggle to embrace the concept of you in the winner's column.

    Three of wands from others directed your way - others are telling you what to do, what to choose.

    Four of cups - seems to tie you back to that eight cups "I am oughta here!" thing you are moving away from. It broke, it wasn't the happiest setting in the world, good riddance.

    Outcome - King of Swords - says that your focus WILL pay off. Your choice to turn away from the 8/4 cups fiasco and keep your mind sharp and bright and look for opportunities overcomes the resistance (eventually) of your own fear of success, and the badgering by others (pips, you should do this! or that! Pips, listen to us! we have all the answers... SHUT UP!)... and finally you land as the KING in a place where your mind has become the victor.

    Then love is icing on the cake and you have your choice of who is actually a blessing for you, instead of a drag...

    Thats what I get - was I even close?


  • aww I am so touched that you answered, I didn't think anyone would. You are spot on!!! I am still struggling to get away from the bad cups (heh) as well as try and accept success for myself, and get away from bad work situation. I'm in a very low position at work and it drives me insane but can't seem to be able to achieve a better situation for myself. Seriously, everything you said was absolutely spot on. I just hope I do get to that place where "you land as the KING in a place where your mind has become the victor." I cannot thank you enough - truly amazing reading and so generous of you as well. Much love and gratitude. x

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